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01/25/2006 | Download File 18.30 MB -right click to download

This walk starts at Holland Park station on the Central Line (Zone 2) or Notting Hill Gate on the Central, Circle and District lines (Zones 1 and 2). We visit many different parts of elegant Notting Hill. It was not always so: we see London's squalid past - the Piggeries with it's slums occupied by

01/25/2006 | Download File 20.19 MB -right click to download

Take a short walk with me to see the hidden gem which is Holland Park. This park is mainly frequented by the locals, and for good reason. Other London parks are wide open spaces. Holland Park is different. It is wooded, with paths and a variety of different types of space. See the Kyoto Japanese Ga

04/14/2010 | Download File 16.04 MB -right click to download

Part I of the walk finished either at London Bridge or at Borough Underground stations. From there, we travel one or two stops to the south. From Borough, take the Northern Line one stop to Elephant & Castle. From London Bridge take the Bakerloo two stops to its destination. Elephant & Castl

06/07/2010 | Download File 21.35 MB -right click to download

The new London Overground service started on 23 May 2010 in East London. All the trains are smart, new air-conditioned stock with plenty of room. The track looks new and the stations are magnificent. I have been waiting to do a walk through Rotherhithe and all along the river around Surrey Docks and

08/03/2010 | Download File 19.30 MB -right click to download

By popular demand from our Facebook group members, today's walk looks at the development of the Olympic Park being built to house the Olympic Games in 2012. The name of the games might be London 2012, but the 'name of the game' is regeneration. Regeneration of this brownfield part of East London whi

10/19/2010 | Download File 33.59 MB -right click to download

From about 120 AD the Romans enclosed the capital city of Roman Britain, Londinium with a wall. No one know why. The wall was not necessarily built for protection at that time. Archaeologists have speculated that the objective might be to restrict access in and out of the city, enabling the Roman ru

01/11/2011 | Download File 19.04 MB -right click to download

We pick up the London Wall walk again at the Museum of London. If you are continuing the route from Part 1 you will be at this point. If you are just doing this part of the walk, then you should start from St Paul's Underground station (Central Line, zone 1) and take Exit 2 then walk up St Mart

05/17/2011 | Download File 31.84 MB -right click to download

I'm glad I thought of this walk. We start at Warwick Avenue Underground Station (Zone 2 on the Bakerloo Line - just one stop north of Paddington) and finish on the Circle & District Line platform of Baker Street, the worl'd first underground railway opened in 1863. Baker Street is also on the Me

03/07/2011 | Download File 5.24 MB -right click to download

Londoners call the Transport for London Barclays Cycle Hire scheme Boris Bikes after Mayor Boris Johnson. Started in July 2010, Londoners could rent sturdy bicycles from around 400 docking stations scattered around the central zone. Once registered, you paid £3 for a plastic dongle which would

08/22/2011 | Download File 22.21 MB -right click to download

Lower your eyebrows O ye of little faith. A walk through Deptford? Surely not, I hear you say. Scoff not - this will prove to be one of the most fascinating walks so far, whether you walk the walk, listen to it, or follow it on Google Streetview as I know lots of you do. So, suspend your unbelief an



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