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Just Vocabulary
Podcast Host: Jan Folmer
Podcast Owner: janfolmer
Podcast Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Website: http://www.justvocabulary.libsyn.com
Episodes: 26
A daily podcast (approx 3-4 min) where I introduce two English words, explain, and use the words in example sentences. And there is a weekly recap on the 10 words of this week. Monday through Friday I introduce new words like adamant, erroneous, insipid, lethargy, etc, and on Saturday I review last weeks’ words. It is just vocabulary, no chitchat, to the point, short and powerful.

Past Shows

12/12/2005 | Download File 2.29 MB -right click to download

Retaliate: Will retaliated his neighbour's malicious destruction of his car that he parked in his neighbour's garden. Meaning: to return like for like; especially: to get revenge synonym see Reciprocate NOUN= reÂtalÂiÂaÂtion ADJECTIVE= reÂtalÂiÂaÂtive / reÂtalÂiaÂtoÂry Treacherous: I was

12/09/2005 | Download File 2.37 MB -right click to download

Words used in today's podcast: Omnipotent: having virtually unlimited authority or influence; almighty, all power. Schvitz(ing): to sweat The Schvitz: steambath

12/08/2005 | Download File 1.50 MB -right click to download

Milquetoast: a timid, meek, or unassertive person. Overweening: to be arrogant,PRESUMPTUOUS IMMODERATE, EXAGGERATED Adverb: overweeningly

12/07/2005 | Download File 1.44 MB -right click to download

Word of today is Tetchy âAs a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and limited in responsesâ - Dictionary Online No words reviewed yet

12/07/2005 | Download File 2.83 MB -right click to download

The Just Vocabulary Podcast is a daily show of 2 to 3 minutes. Every show introduces 1 or 2 new words and reviews previous words from previous podcasts. As I am just beginning with podcasting, the first 15 to 20 shows will be a lot of fine-tuning, with the help and feedback of the listeners and some

12/31/1969 | Download File 100.00 KB -right click to download

Today is a big day, Phil receives the key to his new capacious villa in Cape Town. capacious = more than adequate or average in capacity see SPACIOUS B Phil, the proud owner of this villa is the landlord for his 5 new housemates. He really likes Lisa, she is pretty, and she has been very being flirt

12/31/1969 | Download File 1.16 MB -right click to download

JUBILANT = having or expressing feelings of joy or triumph (the nominee's jubilant acceptance speech before the cheering) ALACRITY = promptness in response cheerful readiness (accepted the invitation with alacrity)

01/11/2006 | Download File 2.93 MB -right click to download

TEDIOUS = tiresome because of length or dullness. - tediously (adverb) - tediousness (noun) BREVITY = the condition of being short, shortness of duration; shortness or conciseness of expression SYNONYMS: briefness, conciseness, shortness

01/12/2006 | Download File 3.23 MB -right click to download

TENACIOUS = 1. Persistently Holding to something, such as a point of view. 2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material. 3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive: tenacious lint. 4. Tending to retain;: a tenacious memory. Text: continuing despite difficulties, opposition, or

01/16/2006 | Download File 2.27 MB -right click to download

RELENTLESS = showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace IMPECCABLE = being entirely without fault or flaw OR free from fault or blame



I am a writer and I decided to download this podcast to improve my vocabulary. In the past, I have bought many books on vocabulary, but none of them helped me as much as this podcast. The host, Jan Folmer, makes learning the new words easy and fun! I highly recommend this podcast.
Reviewed on 08/27/2007 by rtieder

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