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Just Vocabulary
A daily podcast (approx 3-4 min) where I introduce two English words, explain, and use the words in example sentences. And there is a weekly recap on the 10 words of this week. Monday through Friday I introduce new words like adamant, erroneous, insipid, lethargy, etc, and on Saturday I review last weeks’ words. It is just vocabulary, no chitchat, to the point, short and powerful.

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CONTENTIOUS = Causing or likely to cause an argument. The disagreement that results from opposing arguments. Marked by heated arguments or controversy. Causing or likely to cause disagreement. DEMARCATE = Set the boundaries or limits of something. To state in a clear way where something begins and

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LOATH = be loath to do something means to be unwilling to do something. Having doubts about the wisdom of doing something. Unwilling or reluctant to do something. CULMINATE = to reach a climax or point of highest development. To have as a result or be the final result of (a process).

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COVERT = not openly acknowledged or displayed. Undertaken or done so as to escape being observed or known by others, not openly shown. INFRINGE = Actively break the term of (a law or agreement). To disobey or disregard something. To fail to obey. Or take away some of someones freedom or rights.

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CIRCUMSCRIBE = to draw a line around something to mark its limits our boundary. Circumscribe suggests that something is hemmed in on all sides. Also, it means, to limit the power of something or somebody to act independently. BACKLASH = A strong and adverse reaction by a large number of people esp

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HAUGHTY = arrogantly superior and disdainful, behaving in a superior, condescending or arrogant way. Blatantly proud. INTERDICT = 1) Prohibit or forbid something 2)Intercept the movement of a prohibited commodity or person.

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COVET = To desire something strongly, especially something which belongs to someone else. To wish for with eagerness. LOW BALL = Make a deliberately low estimate. To give a markedly or unfairly low offer.

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At last, one week has gone past, let's review the 10 words of last week. Enjoy your day. ~ Just Vocabulary

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HEM = Surround ad restrict the space or movement of something or someone. PHRASE Hem and Haw: HEM AND HAW means to hesitate, to be indecisive. CONJECTURE = Form an opinion or supposition about something on the basis of incomplete information. To guess, based on the appearance of a situation an not

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REIGN = Hold royal office, to rule as king or queen. OR To hold a particular title (Italy is the reigning world champion) REBUKE = Express sharp disapproval or criticism, to speak angrily to someone because because you disapprove of what they have said or done.

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DISMAL = Depressing, dreary, hopeless, gloomy, pitifully and disgracefully bad. RELINQUISH = implies anything from simply releasing one's grasp to giving up control or possession reluctantly. To unwillingly stop holding or keeping something.



I am a writer and I decided to download this podcast to improve my vocabulary. In the past, I have bought many books on vocabulary, but none of them helped me as much as this podcast. The host, Jan Folmer, makes learning the new words easy and fun! I highly recommend this podcast.
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