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A daily podcast (approx 3-4 min) where I introduce two English words, explain, and use the words in example sentences. And there is a weekly recap on the 10 words of this week. Monday through Friday I introduce new words like adamant, erroneous, insipid, lethargy, etc, and on Saturday I review last weeks’ words. It is just vocabulary, no chitchat, to the point, short and powerful.

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FRENZY = a temporary madness or a violent mental or emotional agitation, intense usually wild and often disorderly compulsive or agitated activity BAMBOOZLE = to deceive by underhanded methods. Cause someone to believe an untruth SYNONYMS = lead by the nose AND deceive.

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CURB = Something that checks or restrains: (High interest rates put a curb on spending) To check, restrain, or control as if with a curb. BAFFLE = To frustrate or check, or defeat (a person) as by confusing, perplexing or puzzling.

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AGONIZE = To suffer extreme pain or great anguish. OR To make a great effort; struggle. VICISSITUDE = A change or variation. The quality of being changeable; mutability. One of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings SYNONYMS = VARIAT

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CONTEMPLATE = To look at attentively and thoughtfully. To consider carefully and at length. To have in mind as an intention or possibility AMBIGUOUS = . Open to more than one interpretation, doubtful or uncertain. [email protected]

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SERENDIPITY = the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for ALLEVIATE = To make something (pain, for example) more bearable: Or to make something make easier; to relieve or lessen.

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SUBMISSION = The act of submitting something for consideration. OR The act of submitting to the power of another; the state of being submissive or compliant; meekness. AMBIVALENCE = The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.Uncertaint

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PRECARIOUS = dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments OR characterized by a lack of security or stability that threatens with danger ESTRANGE = To make hostile, unsympathetic, or indifferent; It is to remove from an accustomed place or set of associations. ItĂ

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VULGARIZE:vulĂ‚garĂ‚ized, vulĂ‚garĂ‚izĂ‚ing, vulĂ‚garĂ‚izĂ‚es 1. To make vulgar; debase: 2. To disseminate widely; popularize.COMPLIANT Disposed or willing to comply; submissive

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OBLIVION =  the fact or condition of forgetting or having forgotten, the condition of being oblivious, the condition or state of being forgotten or unknownDEVOUT=very sincere: deeply and sincerely felt or meant; very religious: deeply religious (Devout Monks, or devout Christians). OR

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EMINENT = Prominent, standing out above or beyond all others. Having achieved eminence and therefore: deeply respected and honored for that achievement. DISGRUNTLE = to make somebody feel dissatisfied and irritated. Put into a bad mood.



I am a writer and I decided to download this podcast to improve my vocabulary. In the past, I have bought many books on vocabulary, but none of them helped me as much as this podcast. The host, Jan Folmer, makes learning the new words easy and fun! I highly recommend this podcast.
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