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Intention Radio is devoted to providing the world with content that will uplift, inspire and motivate you into action. Our hosts consists of top coaches, consultants, energy workers, story tellers, life livers, extremists, and much more. You will always get more then you asked for when you tune in to

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Join International Energetic Healer, Kimberly Sherry, as she discusses 7 Ways You Block Money and how you can create a healthy flow.

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Interviewing my friend, Jane Hawthorne who has studied many years with Dr. Alberto Villodo the path of shamanism from the indigenous people of Peru. We will discuss how shamanism can be used for healing in the modern world. We also discuss the importance of ceremony in our lifes.

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Roberta's book Me, Myself and Mind is so much more than enlightening, it is a key to change.  Roberta has condensed and summarized decades of knowledge into your easy guide for us to become whom you should be.

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The problems we see in the world be it war, poverty, global warming or ecological destruction are manifestations of “wounds of the heart”.

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Julie Migneault gets real and personal as she shares how she transformed her life from unhappy emptiness to an embodied, full and meaningful life using Energy Healing as a holistic system for healing and awakening.

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Get your intentions on, Light Holders! What better way to hold the light than by intending it to be so? In this episode of Holding the Light, join Linda as she contemplates the amazingly powerful notion of intending to create your reality.

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For many years, Western authorities have told us that staring straight into the sun will make you blind, they also said that simply being under the sun will give you skin cancer... But is that all really true? Fortunately for us, we have Austin Eames here to give us a new perspective on the Power of

06/27/2013 | Download File 52.50 MB -right click to download

Robert and Liah reflect on how they have broken free of old habits that no longer served them. They share suggestions and stories that illustrate how psychic guidance has led them to live more purposeful and meaningful lives.

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As President of Acosta & Associates, Inc., Wendy Acosta is following her passion of creating capacity and resources for healthy children, healthy families and strong communities. A consultant and trainer, her greatest strength is her ability to empower indigenous communities to use their cultura


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