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Intention Radio is devoted to providing the world with content that will uplift, inspire and motivate you into action. Our hosts consists of top coaches, consultants, energy workers, story tellers, life livers, extremists, and much more. You will always get more then you asked for when you tune in to

Past Shows

06/14/2013 | Download File 52.70 MB -right click to download

David Nettinger and Linda Chasteen invite you to give a listen to Linda's magical first show! Join these two co-creators for an hour of delightful dishing about the ins and outs of Light Holdery (yes, it *is* a real term!) and everything else from Reiki to movies to Neil Diamond to chakras and all o

06/13/2013 | Download File 48.84 MB -right click to download

Thinking Outside the Box it is all about how to listen to intuition and apply it in your everyday life. Tune in as Liah and Robert walk you through some very practical examples and tools to help you Think OUT OF THE BOX.

06/12/2013 | Download File 50.61 MB -right click to download

Does change make you uncomfortable? Why are we fearful of change even when the change is good? Explore reasons for this fear and ways to overcome it. Hear the powerful story of Vickie Riggs whose life reflects one brave change after another.

06/11/2013 | Download File 52.25 MB -right click to download

Join Kimberly as she supports the awakening woman to find their own personal truth and answers. Kimberly’s life purpose as a healer is to help you expand your heart so that your most authentic state of being can shine causing a ripple of love and abundance across the globe.

06/10/2013 | Download File 53.42 MB -right click to download

Speaking with Dr. Chet Snow about the crop circle phenomenon. We discuss who or what makes them. We talk about why they appear and their connection to the Hopi and Mayan calendar

06/10/2013 | Download File 56.05 MB -right click to download

Do we notice the gifts along the path of life. Can we distinguish what draws us and later discover why we were drawn. Join David on for a beautiful informative chat with Jessica Friedberg while engulfed with the energy of Haleakala.

06/08/2013 | Download File 48.01 MB -right click to download

We are so fortunate to have Emmanuel Dagher leading today's (Saturday, June 8th 2013) Intention Call on ABUNDANCE! We ask that you tune in 30 minutes early to hear our special broadcast that will help you prepare for this Global Gathering!

06/07/2013 | Download File 49.77 MB -right click to download

Liah and Robert describe how they transitioned from being students to being teachers of metaphysics, and how they met their formative teachers. They discuss their motivations for helping others along this journey of self-realization, and our challenges along the way. Liah & Robert talk about ho

06/05/2013 | Download File 47.94 MB -right click to download

Scott Smith is a Lightworker. In service to the Light, he shares his intuitive spiritual guidance and techniques for purification and healing. Working with Divine Love, Divine Peace, and other transformational energies, he has combined the core energetic elements common to various traditions, simpli

06/05/2013 | Download File 53.29 MB -right click to download

Sometimes we all need to stand up for ourselves and it's not always easy. One of the hardest things you may have to do is stand up for yourself with the people you love or people who have authority over you.


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