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Incident Broadcast network

Incident Broadcast network

Podcast Host: IBN01 Brian Baldwin

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Location: Las Vegas, NV

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Emergency Service Radio - Recorded Police and Fire Incidents


San Diego, CA - Pursuit 10-12-08  play >

San Diego, CA - Pursuit 10-12-08

1/7/2009 | Download File (6.41 MB) - right click to download

Length - 14:00 San Diego Police in pursuit of a vehicle that started as a check the welfare of a male slumped over the wheel. The Pursuit was terminated per supervision after running a couple red lights. 10 to 15 minutes later the vehicle was spotted again and with an officer following from a distance, the suspect rammed the gate at MCAS Miramar. With Military Police now in pursuit he drove through a closed gate to get off base. San Diego Police picked up the pursuit again where he went off road and was then taken into custody.

New Haven, CT - House Fire  play >

New Haven, CT - House Fire

1/7/2009 | Download File (4.56 MB) - right click to download

New Haven, CT - House Fire 01-04-09 Length - 04:59 House fire. 474 Pinetree Drive.

Buffalo, NY - House Fire 11-08-08  play >

Buffalo, NY - House Fire 11-08-08

11/10/2008 | Download File (0.01 MB) - right click to download

19 Shoreham Ave. Large 2.5 sty frame heavy fire from 2nd floor on arrival with exposure. Shortly into the incident the roof started to collapse. 250,000 damage to the main structure 75,000 to the exposure structure.

St.Peter, IL - Pursuit  play >

St.Peter, IL - Pursuit

9/21/2008 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

At around 11:50AM the Bank at St. Peter,IL was robbed at gunpoint, at which time a subject fled with an unknown amount of money, the off duty St. Peter Officer 750 I believe is the ID pursued the suspect across Fayette into Effingham County and then Back West into Fayette County, nearly and possibly reaching Bond County. The subject ends up stopping and holding the gun to his mouth, and all ends fine, the Tactical Response Team had been called but was canceled. For informational purposes: any unit beginning with 12-xx 12-Boy-xx, 12-xx, are ISP Dist 12 units, M-1 is the Altamont Police Chief, there was also a 12-M-32 or something like that, that is one of Dist 12\'s motorcycle units.

Ravensdale, WA - River Rescue  play >

Ravensdale, WA - River Rescue

9/9/2008 | Download File (0.05 MB) - right click to download

Ravensdale, WA - River Rescue 09-08-08 Length - 55:13 Units were dispatched to 32101 Cumberland Kanaskat Road SE, Kanaskat Palmer State Park for a teenage boy who was lost in the river. Chief 89, Battalion 89, Battalion 88, Rescue 89, Aid 88, Aid 80, Engine 80, Rescue 80, Chief 84, Medic 12, Dive 14, Dive 31 and Medic 12 responded. King Co Sheriff also sent their dive team. After a lengthy search the teenager was found in the river but no resuscitation attempt was made.

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