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In the NO, The Bourbon Street Shots Podcast | New Orleans Pelicans | NBA
Podcast Host: Ryan Schwan, Michael McNamara
Podcast Owner: bourbonstreetshots
Podcast Location: New Orleans, LA
Website: http://www.bourbonstreetshots.com
Episodes: 171
In the NO covers the New Orleans Pelicans and NBA Basketball in general, including news, analysis, and rumors on and off the court. Hosts Ryan Schwan and Michael McNamara represent ESPN Truehoop Blog Bourbon Street Shots.

Past Shows

11/11/2013 | Download File 37.39 MB -right click to download

Michael and I talk Pelicans Basketball as Michael revises his expectations for this season downward, I try to argue for more optimism and then I take my turn ranting about the lack of three point attempts.  We do spend some time glorying in Anthony Davis's amazing ability - and a lot of time be

11/25/2013 | Download File 37.49 MB -right click to download

Michael and I talk about Tyreke Evans recovering his form, which of the three guards appears to be the New Orleans alpha Guard, the Closing Five, which lineups are good, which aren't, Brian Roberts losing his minutes to Rivers, and bemoan just how tough the Western Conference is.  Oh, and we al

12/09/2013 | Download File 28.77 MB -right click to download

Michael and I talk about the devastating effect injuries can have on this team going forward, as well as recap that back-and-forth Dallas game, compare Jason Smith to Collison in the OKC game, and wonder why Amundson gets minutes over withy.  Oh and we try to figure out why Aminu got 31 shots o

11/08/2013 | Download File 38.56 MB -right click to download

Andy and Brian Kamenetzky of <a href="http://landolakers.com/">Landolakers.com</a> join us to talk the upcoming Lakers games and the state of the mightiest franchise in the NBA. They answer whether Xavier Henry is what we thought he was - which players are keepers in Lakerland, and wheth

12/03/2013 | Download File 43.39 MB -right click to download

Michael and I talk the 3-2 stretch the Pelicans produced, including the injury in New York that made Michael McNamara think fetal positions are good, the hugely entertaining triple OT game in Chicago, and the horrible, horrible San Antonio game. We also spend a lot of time talking about Aminu, rotat

01/02/2014 | Download File 40.62 MB -right click to download

Welcome to the New Year!  Michael and I talk about the positive and negatives things we saw during the games over the holidays, including the stinkers against the Clippers and Wolves, as well as positive signs like Evans aggressiveness, Aminu's string of solid games, Jrue Holiday's growing comf

01/06/2014 | Download File 31.15 MB -right click to download

Ryan Anderson goes down, and once again exposes the fact he is probably the most irreplaceable part on the roster when it comes to efficient offense.  It happens, of course, after Michael and I talk about how things were looking up for the team.  Dangit!  We also talk Ajinca stating,

12/16/2013 | Download File 35.60 MB -right click to download

In a week of 2-1 Pelicans basketball, Michael and I love what we're seeing from Jrue Holiday, talk Ryan Anderson's rebounding and mini-shooting slump, and wonder if Eric Gordon deserves to be fed the ball when he's on fire.  We spend a little time comparing Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday and Mike Conl

12/18/2013 | Download File 11.90 MB -right click to download

In our first non-mini Mini podcast, Michael and I break down Evans versus Gordon in a battle royale!  Who goes, who stays, who is better at help defense?  Who is better coming off screens?  Who does Michael think has a higher ceiling? It's all Pelicans Shooting Guards, all the time! &

02/04/2014 | Download File 34.45 MB -right click to download

Michael and I talk about the different things we've been seeing the past couple weeks as the Pelicans defense appears to be tightening.  We talk about Davis and his crazy run, Jason Smith and his season-ending injury, and discuss why Tyreke Evans has not been particularly effective.  As al


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