Podcast Host: Jonesy
Podcast Owner: HouseJunkee
Podcast Location: San Francisco, California
Website: http://housejunkee.podOmatic.com
Episodes: 31
House Junkee Podcast
This podcast is delivered directly out of San Francisco and is dedicated to ALL styles of house music, so expect the unexpected!

Past Shows

04/10/2013 | Download File 61.42 MB -right click to download

Hey all you "House Junkees" out there....this next mix I'm uploading was recorded 2 nights ago at a swanky cool spot in San Francisco called Wish. It's a great bar if you're ever in the area. They have some of the BEST local talent to come through every week! This may actually be my favorite mix to

06/26/2013 | Download File 56.52 MB -right click to download

Well hello, ALL you lovely "House Junkees" out there! Today, I bring you a special mix... I say "special" because it's one of my guy bestie's birthdays and I recorded a mix for him LIVE 3 nights ago...I know a few people out there that are requesting that I post it online ASAP, sooooo.... "Happy Bir

09/12/2013 | Download File 170.59 MB -right click to download

Hello my fellow House Junkee's out there...as summer comes to an end, I have a special mix for you. Recorded Live at San Francisco's longest running Wednesday House Music Weekly, "Housepitality! I opened for Troy Pierce this particular night, so it was a huge deal for me. I spun 3 hours total in the

01/07/2014 | Download File 54.82 MB -right click to download

Happy New Year and Happy New You! This year, my girlfriend and I decided NOT to make any New Year's Resolutions (who keeps 'em anyway), but rather, we decided to think of a WORD to use as a reference throughout 2014. I decided on "ACCOMPLISHMENT", seeing as how I really want to feel accomplished thi

07/03/2015 | Download File 85.60 MB -right click to download

Happy Summer! It's July and San Francisco is sizzling' (in more ways than one)! I love living in this city and even more I LOVE inspiring people to dance here in the underground scene. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the House music scene in SF and I hope to spread my knowledge of music to peo

05/22/2015 | Download File 46.98 MB -right click to download

So today is one of my Bf's birthdays (Happy Birthday Suzi!) and in celebration, we popped a bottle...i Dj'd a set, hit record, and everyone around danced. Sounds like a fierce beginning to a memorable birthday if you ask me....so here's the set...if you're a Gemini, the Happy Birthday to you as well

05/03/2015 | Download File 33.43 MB -right click to download

How is it May already?? Well, I'm just gonna get right to it then...I know a few of you have been waiting for a new mix and it's deffinitely overdue, soooo here's a mix to get you up and groovin'. Be sure to leave a comment if you like it, cuz I LOVE comments! Share it with your friends and download

01/24/2015 | Download File 59.69 MB -right click to download

Happy 2015! This year is already proving to bring some sick tracks... I'm hoping to share some of what i've found thus far...Considering this is only January, I think this year holds promise ahead. On that note, enough chatter...hit PLAY and dance on my friends! Be sure to leave a comment if you lik

08/15/2015 | Download File 120.75 MB -right click to download

Hello world! It's me (Jonesy) again, and it's time for yet another House Junkee episode...although this one is a little different. My birthday was August 5th and I turned the BIG 40, however people say I still look to be in my 20's (I feel that way as well). So, as part of my birthday celebrations,

08/22/2015 | Download File 210.78 MB -right click to download

If you live in San Francisco, and you like House Music, chances are, you've been to Mars Bar on one of their Well known "Sunday Funday" afternoons. Known for the delicious food (and thirst quenching cocktails) they serve, the cozy yet sociable back patio, the fierce staff that caters to every patron


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