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House Junkee Podcast

House Junkee Podcast

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Podcast Host: Jonesy

Podcast OwnerHouseJunkee


Location: San Francisco, California

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This podcast is delivered directly out of San Francisco and is dedicated to ALL styles of house music, so expect the unexpected!


House Junkee "Smokin' BeaTs"  play >

House Junkee "Smokin' BeaTs"

11/12/2014 | Download File (75.91 MB) - right click to download

Can you believe 2014 is coming to an end already? Where did the year go? I'll tell you it's been an AMAZING year for the Underground House Music scene here in San Francisco! For me, it's been a positive experience to grow as a DJ here and consistently gain a fan base (which is always SO supportive By The Way)! Soo, There's no track list because it was recorded live, however if you want to know a track name, please leave a comment to ask and I'LL be happy to provide the info. I'll be posting a mix before the end of the year (maybe 2 if you ask nicely) *wink* On that note, let's cut the chit chat and get to the mix, shall we? Be sure to share with everyone and post a comment as well! Till next time, this is Jonesy saying "Happy Turkey Day for those who celebrate" and "Happy Groove Day for those who don't".

Shake Dat  play >

Shake Dat

10/8/2014 | Download File (65.50 MB) - right click to download

Wow, has it really been 7 months since my last published mix?! Okay folks, I'll make it short and sweet...I have a few mixes to post that I've recorded over the months. I know it seems like I've done nothing but truth is, I've been SO busy, it's been hard to find time to post. I'm taking a little breather now as summer comes to a halt, so i will be dedicating more time to getting these mixes up for our listening pleasure. Some have no track listing because the were recorded live, and for that I apologize, but I figure you'd want to hear this shit no matter what...if you have a question as to a song, just send me a msg with the time of when you heard the song, and I'll get back to you with that info. As always, thank you for listening to my mixes and be sure to share the House Junkee Podcast with friends. Become a follower on Facebook ( as well. your support is appreciated! I also love comments! ;) Till next time, keep the music in your heart...and dance! Jonesy (San Francisco, CA)

Bootz & Katz  play >

Bootz & Katz

5/19/2014 | Download File (38.53 MB) - right click to download

Hello's been warm here in San Francisco lately which means summer is fast approaching....The city is HOT but so are the beats I've downloaded for this particular mix. If you ask me what Deep House sounds like, I'd say "Bootz & Katz" (hence the name of this newest mix). I've provided a track list for you, so enjoy the mix and remember to spread the word about the House Junkee Podcast! I also love comments, so feel free to leave one. Until next time, this is your resident DJ/Creator, Jonesy... over and out. Track List: 1. Kiesza-Hideaway 2. La Fleur-Kattflickan 3. Mickey-Sweet Baby 4. NiCe7- Time to Get Physical (Tube&Berger Remix) 5. Tapesh & Kevin Over- NY Drive 6. Stan Ritch- Elevate 7. White Lies- Big TV (Tube&Berger Remix) 8. Flashmob- Need In Me 9. Ferreck Down & Redondo- Love Too Deep 10. Gorgon City Feat. Yasmin- Real 11. Dusky- Nobody Else 12. Shiba San-Okay 13. Vintage Culture feat. TK Wonder- Van Gogh

Dre's "Poppin' Bottles" Mix  play >

Dre's "Poppin' Bottles" Mix

4/4/2014 | Download File (73.57 MB) - right click to download

What up, my fellow "House Junkees" out there? Today is a special day for a friend of mine, here in San Francisco...Dre has been a big supporter of my music and my personal growth as a DJ here in San Francisco, so I decided to record a mix for his birthday weekend...listen to it while getting ready or at night when the party follows you home, or in your car where the bass bumps...either way, Dre, i hope this mix finds its way to your dancin' feet on your birthday weekend and beyond. Happy Birthday! ;) And now for the track list: 1. Duke Dumont- The Giver 2. Flashmob- Need In Me 3. Fly O Tech & Subsonnik- How You Make Me Feel 4. Fleetwood Mac- Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) 5. Josh Butler- Got a Feeling (Bontan Remix) 6. Kolombo- Get So Hot 7. Larse- The More I Want 8. Mark Knight- Your Love 9. NiCe7- Time To Get Physical (Bontan Remix) 10. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules- Pushing On 11. Cristoph- 'Dunka' 12. Disclosure- When a Fire Starts To Burn 13. Dennis Ferrer feat. Janelle Kroll- Mind Your Step 14. Azelia Banks- 212 ft. Lazy Jay (UK Garage Mix)

House Junkee (2014 Kick Off Mix)  play >

House Junkee (2014 Kick Off Mix)

1/7/2014 | Download File (54.81 MB) - right click to download

Happy New Year and Happy New You! This year, my girlfriend and I decided NOT to make any New Year's Resolutions (who keeps 'em anyway), but rather, we decided to think of a WORD to use as a reference throughout 2014. I decided on "ACCOMPLISHMENT", seeing as how I really want to feel accomplished this year and grow more as a female House DJ in San Francisco.... So now, as you hit play and listen to my first mix of 2014, I'd like you to think of a word for yourself....and remember it throughout this year....on the dinner....on the the shower...wherever... and feel free to share it with me and all the other "House Junkees" out there if you'd like....I'd like to know. Anyway, here's to you and the music....

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