Podcast Host: Slyde
Podcast Owner: Slyde
Podcast Location: Montreal, Canada
Website: http://www.discobreak.com
Episodes: 44
Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jackin funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and sliced by Brad Slyde for broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada.

Past Shows

01/17/2006 | Download File 43.03 MB -right click to download

Ben Cook "Strife's Fukt" (Stranger Music) Weekender "Lost In The Loft" (Toko) Crispin J. Glover + Tug "Quicksilver" Hip Hop Outro (Discfunction) Weekender "Lost In The Loft" Lead Boots Beats (Toko) Crispin J. Glover + Tug "Quicksilver" (Discfunction) Silver City "Dubby" Boogie Corporation

01/24/2006 | Download File 54.93 MB -right click to download

The Fixx "One Thing Leads To Another" Edit Lipps Inc. "Addicted To The Night" (Casablanca) Silver City "Dubby" Boogie Corporation Remix (Deep Freeze) Paul Parker "Right On Target" (Polydor) Boogie Corporation "Lay The Funk Pt.1" (2020 Vision) K.I.D. "Don't Stop" (Unidisc) Boogie Corpora

01/25/2006 | Download File 37.54 MB -right click to download

Blo "Get That Groove In" (Afro Strut) Cesario "House Party" (Splice) Halo Varga "Dance To Tha Musik" (Catalyst) Hakan Lidbo "Pajamabus" Larner+Hogan Mix (Musique Boutique) Onionz "Promo Megamix" (Electrik Soul) Boogie Corporation "Lay The Funk Pt.2" (2020 Vision) Rodney Hunter "Electric

01/31/2006 | Download File 52.19 MB -right click to download

Prins Thomas "Goettsching" Blackbelt Andersen Remix (Full Pupp) Army Of One "Lost In Space" (Brazen Beats) Seinan "Shake It" (Deep Freeze) Hakan Lidbo "Pajamabus" Larner + Hogan Mix (Musique Boutique) Cpenn "Zumas Revenge" (Panhandle) Supercar "Tonite" Constipated Monkeys Mix (Pepper) I

02/01/2006 | Download File 43.95 MB -right click to download

Sixteen Souls "Late Night Jam" Idjut Boys Full Mix (Glasgow Underground) Ben Cook "Strife's Fukt" (Stranger Music) Street Corner Symphony "Symphony For The Devil" Harvey Remix (Open) Todd Terje "Bodies" Prins Thomas Orgasmatron (Beat Service) The Littlemen "Lock The Bank" (Nightshift) Cri

02/06/2006 | Download File 65.00 MB -right click to download

Free Life "Dance Fantasy" EDIT Tony Watson "Ghetto In The Wax" Dub (Wax) Hot Pot "Pots + Pans" (Cook House) That Jeff Leopard Feeling "Tube Steak Army(Drums Of Fashion) (Conduit) Shrinkwrap "Illegal Entry" Chicken Lips Heavy Heavy Dub (Discfunction) Alessandroni,Paul+Honesty "Welcome" Ola

09/29/2005 | Download File 35.71 MB -right click to download

Raoul Mente "Hunky Dory" Glim Editz Edit Lindstrom "Common Syntoms" (Feedelity) Flunk "Kebab Shop 3AM" Rune Lindbaek Dub Edit Barfly "This Ain't The Place" Bloc Party Mix (Coco Machete) Stranger "The Street" (Grayhound) Seinan "Shake It" (Deep Freeze) The Bacon Smugglers "Naming My Bacon" (Musique R

01/10/2006 | Download File 52.19 MB -right click to download

Prince "Sexy Dancer" Special Mix (Ballroom) The Drunk "Really Drunk" (Freestyle) Bunny Hopper "Chop Shot Chop" (Freestyle) The Drunk "Pt.2" (Rong) Disco Theatre Of Manhattan "Re-Edit" (Rong) Your Favorite Dancer "It's The Lovers" (Big Bear) Bambi + Gazeebo "Flow With The Go" (Community

01/18/2006 | Download File 42.11 MB -right click to download

Lordy "The Watchtower" Version Emperor Machine (Bearfunk) Dirty Minds "I'm For Pleasure" Glimmers vs. Ray Mang Salsa Dub (Eskimo) Barfly "Street Talk" (Rong) Mudd "Adventures In Bricket Wood" Layne Fox Mix (Rong) Mayaku "Cityspinners" (Wally's Groove World) Swag "Mumbo Jumbo" (Shady Acorn

01/30/2006 | Download File 49.44 MB -right click to download

The Clash "Outside Broadcast" (CBS) Art Of Noise "Beatbox" Diversion Two (ZTT) Debbie Gibson "Only In My Dreams" Hearthrob Beats (Atlantic) The Fixx "One Thing Leads To Another" Edit Nightlife Unlimited "Just Be Yourself" Edit Joe Long "Megatrone Woman" D. Bastedos Edit (Bastedos) Leo Y



Really love this groove!
Reviewed on 05/26/2011

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