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Good Morning Paranormal
Podcast Host: Various ASPRN Hosts
Podcast Owner: ASPRN
Podcast Location: USA
Website: http://www.asprn.com
Episodes: 11
Start your day the paranormal way with various hosts of ASPRN shows and guest hosts from the paranormal community. Topics are not limited to paranormal as anything and everything goes on this less then typical morning show.

Past Shows

06/08/2009 | Download File 83.37 MB -right click to download

TGIF edition of Good Morning Paranormal. The GMP Crew finished out their first week with a lot of fun and paranormal talk.

06/03/2009 | Download File 47.67 MB -right click to download

Roundtable type conversations on Paranormal topics such as Conventions vs Meet n Greets, Paying for ghost hunts, tv shows and much much more.

06/01/2009 | Download File 44.57 MB -right click to download

Mike, Tom and PC talked about events, Paranormal TV, charging to retrieve ghosts and many other paranormal and non-paranormal topics.

06/10/2009 | Download File 48.47 MB -right click to download

Starting you day the Paranormal way. Wednesday June 10th edition of Good Morning Paranormal with hosts Mike Baker, Tom Carr and Gregg Cable.

06/12/2009 | Download File 46.75 MB -right click to download

TGIF edition of Good Morning Paranormal with Mike Baker, Gregg Cable, Sammy McPherson and Serenity. Disgusting Paranormal Food.

06/15/2009 | Download File 47.14 MB -right click to download

Monday morning edition. We had some pretty intense conversations on a few touchy subjects. One of which is "Paranormal Experts".

06/17/2009 | Download File 49.12 MB -right click to download

Hosts today were, Mike and Kris Baker and Christel Brooks. We talked about upcoming TV shows, past TV shows, upcoming events and many other paranormal topics.

06/19/2009 | Download File 50.32 MB -right click to download

Another TGIF Editions of GMP. It took a while for the coffee to kick in this morning, but when it did we really got hopping. Another fun show with a lot of great topics. One of which was the new Other Siders TV show.

06/22/2009 | Download File 48.50 MB -right click to download

Starting a new week the Paranormal Way. Hosts today were Mike, PC and Renee Graham. Lots of great paranormal conversations and debates.

07/10/2009 | Download File 34.42 MB -right click to download

The TGIF edition of Good Morning Paranormal got off to a rocky start but then smoothed out. Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas stopped by and we visited with him for a bit, talking about his upcoming ParaCon and some of the work he does with the police. Turned out to be a good show, so be sure to check it


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