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a misguided podcasting endeavor since 2011. home of How Can You Live With Yourself?, Eatin' It With Beatnik, Ms. Barker's Honorific Podcast, and more!

Past Shows

03/24/2013 | Download File 61.32 MB -right click to download

Guest Production Assistants/Assistant Directors Joe Tapangco and Christine Pomilla join the cast this week as they discuss Alaskan politics, belated Oscar responses, and what it means to be a PA and AD in the industry. Also the difference between 10-100 and 10-200...maybe.

03/24/2013 | Download File 70.24 MB -right click to download

In this episode DK and Mike discuss video game inspired films and the rise of the nerds at comic-cons nation wide. Joined this week by Bryant Mainord and Charlie Sears, the group also talks the confirmation of Harrison Ford returning to Star Wars and the Bryant very video game-based script now in th

03/17/2013 | Download File 107.61 MB -right click to download

DK & Mike are joined by fellow AK Filmmakers April Frame and Tess Weaver talking about some of their best and worst moments during production. A big shout out to all our hard working G&E Staff, PAs, interns, Teamsters, and the ADs who keep everything flowing smoothly…most of the time.

03/17/2013 | Download File 87.60 MB -right click to download

This week D.K. and Mike talk with Charlie Sears and Bryant Mainord about the screenwriting process, and today’s movie theater experiences. WARNING: After listening to this episode you may never want to go to a movie with us.

03/10/2013 | Download File 96.57 MB -right click to download

Guest Antonio Garcia, Bradford Jackson, Stephanie Wonchala, and Charlie Sears join the round table this week to discuss the acting community and methods of distribution in today’s media. Hosted by D.K. Johnston & Mike Collier with special guest appearance from D.K.’s dogs.

03/03/2013 | Download File 104.42 MB -right click to download

Schools may have been canceled today, but that doesn’t mean we have to hide in our houses. The Applebox Continues tonight!

03/01/2013 | Download File 67.48 MB -right click to download

The First Episode of The Applebox is now live! This week guests April Frame, Charlie Sears, Bryant Mainord, and Mike Collier discuss the best and the worst films of 2012 and their expectations for 2013. 

02/19/2013 | Download File 41.49 MB -right click to download

on today's HCYLWY?, Matt Collins and pals continue their series of strange questions! then Matt and Greg get real as they discuss their recent national TV debut! John Norris remains hilarious and handsome, stevo remains a sensitive asshole, and Beatnik is still being weird. 

02/17/2013 | Download File 82.09 MB -right click to download

today Beatnik and stevo and Matt Collins and David Sanders experience several plates of nachos, and really just talk y'know? nacho ingredients used today include: Mission Tortilla Triangles, Tostitos Original Restaurant Style chips, Tillamook [Two Cheese Monterey Jack and Medium Cheddar Mexican Blen

02/12/2013 | Download File 55.69 MB -right click to download

Rebecca Barker and Matt Collins have a low-key and lovely chat, in the newest offering from Goddammit! Industries. today, these friends talk about animal superpowers, cookie therapy, and coin the new term "YWIRAAs"!


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