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Goddammit! Industries
a misguided podcasting endeavor since 2011. home of How Can You Live With Yourself?, Eatin' It With Beatnik, Ms. Barker's Honorific Podcast, and more!

Past Shows

08/08/2013 | Download File 2.53 MB -right click to download

U.K. singing sensation Susan Boyle and the Ghost of Susan Boyle return from the dark beyond with more torturous tales of terror!

08/17/2013 | Download File 42.24 MB -right click to download

Matt Collins and pals are back! and they're definitely NOT talking about Superman on today's HCYLWY?! network friends John Norris, Kyle Farrell, and Brandon join the fellas for a game, and some fun chat about movies, ladies, and TORTURE!

08/26/2013 | Download File 61.18 MB -right click to download

its all about beverages on today's extra-special 2-part Eatin' It! theme song composer and friendliest friend-man David "Sandy D" Sanders joins the show, along with comedian and How Can You Live With Yourself? host Matt Collins! part 1's drinks include: Arizona Iced Tea [Raspberry, Diet Peach, Lemon

08/23/2013 | Download File 3.61 MB -right click to download

celebrity singer Susan Boyle, and the Ghost of Susan Boyle, serve up another nitemarish campfire tale for your listening horror!

08/31/2013 | Download File 33.19 MB -right click to download

sexy friend-man David Sanders leaves Matt, stevo, and Beatnik to finish the last of the libations on part 2 of the Eatin' It With Beatnik "drinksperiment"! part 2's drinks include: Monster Zero Ultra, Muscle Monster Cocolate Energy Shake, Nawgan Strawberry Kiwi, Organics Blood Orange Italian Soda, A

09/05/2013 | Download File 5.24 MB -right click to download

thrilling chills await as world-famous singing superstar Susan Boyle and the otherworldly Ghost of Susan Boyle serve up another spooktacular tale from beyond the grave!

09/08/2013 | Download File 63.93 MB -right click to download

Beatnik and stevo review snacks suitable for road trips on today's Eatin' It! the guys chat about Beatnik's island dreams, do a little bit of Bane voice, and celebrate the show's milestone 25th episode! plus, stevo gets grossed out! today's snacks include: Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop Caramel Apple

09/14/2013 | Download File 63.70 MB -right click to download

Matt and his pals have returned with a summertime 2-parter just in time for fall! hear what happens when the guys get totally baked before recording! Anchorage comedian Matt Burgoon joins the guys to play some games, as well as chat about ladies, thorium reactors, and what time stores open! stay tun

08/15/2013 | Download File 40.48 MB -right click to download

Goddammit! Industries co-founder Speedy joins the fellas on today's Eatin' It! the guys chat about video games, throw some more paper towels, then get down to some serious snackin! welcome, new listeners! today's snacks include: Nonni's THINaddictives Almond Thins [Cranberry, Pistachio], Safewa


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