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Fitness Rocks
Fitness news, commentary, and interviews by Monte Ladner, M.D. The podcast contains podsafe music to keep it fun and energetic.

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11/10/2007 | Download File 22.71 MB -right click to download

Can Meditation Reduce Your Blood Pressure?This week on Fitness Rocks we interview Dr. Noel Bairy-Merz about a research paper she and her colleagues published on the benefits of meditation at reducing blood pressure and improving insulin resistance in people with heart disease.Click here to vote for

12/08/2007 | Download File 28.05 MB -right click to download

Vegetarian Diets: Myths and Misconceptions - an Interview with David Nieman, Dr.P.H.This week on Fitness Rocks we are talking with Dr. David Nieman about vegetarian diets and health.  Dr. Nieman is an active researcher and a prolific author on topics of health and nutrition.  Listen to Fit

10/07/2007 | Download File 19.33 MB -right click to download

Are there common origins for heart disease and colon cancer?This week on Fitness Rocks we look at a paper that examines the association between the risks of developing heart disease and the risks of developing colon cancer.  Medical research is beginning to reveal common origins for a wide rang

11/17/2007 | Download File 28.38 MB -right click to download

Meditation - an interview with Monique DanielleThis week we will follow-up on last week's discussion of meditation by talking to Monique Danielle, a mind-body fitness professional who teaches meditation.  Monique has a website and an audio CD on meditation.  You can check these out at the

11/24/2007 | Download File 34.41 MB -right click to download

Exercise Dose and FitnessHow much exercise should I do?  I get this question a lot.  Higher fitness has been consistently linked to better health and a lower risk of premature death from all causes - including heart disease and some cancers.  A study in the May 16, 2007 issue of the J

12/02/2007 | Download File 40.88 MB -right click to download

Interview with Tory Klemensten - Triathlete and Marathon RunnerTory Klementsen is an accomplished endurance athlete - but she wasn't always such a fitness enthusiast.  In fact, Tory is a woman who successfully lost 100 pounds five years ago and changed from couch potato to marathoner.  Her

12/22/2007 | Download File 32.45 MB -right click to download

Exercise Fat Burning Zone: An Interview with Dr. Len KravitzWhat sort of exercise routine will burn the most fat calories?  Does it matter if exercise is low intensity or high intensity?  What about type of exercise and duration of exercise?The fitness world is filled with "gurus&quot

01/05/2008 | Download File 33.04 MB -right click to download

Making New Year's Resolutions WorkThis week on Fitness Rocks we talk to Dr. Kirsten Harrel, a specialist in Positive Psychology, about how to stick with your New Year's resolutions.You should also check out the Fitness Rocks forum where you can write a post to support Ricky and Sue, as well as other

12/29/2007 | Download File 38.05 MB -right click to download

Fitness, Fatness, and HealthIt's time for those New Year's resolutions.  For many people that means another attempt at weight loss.  This week on Fitness Rocks I thought it would be appropriate to review another recent study looking at the relationship between fitness, fatness, and the ove

01/13/2008 | Download File 27.84 MB -right click to download

Exercise Related Sudden Cardiac DeathThis week we review an article from the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine that looks at possible diagnostic clues to some of the causes of exercise related sudden cardiac death.Click here to vote for Fitness Rocks at Podcast AlleyReferences:Out


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