Podcast Host: Monte Ladner, M.D.
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Episodes: 10
Fitness Rocks
Fitness news, commentary, and interviews by Monte Ladner, M.D. The podcast contains podsafe music to keep it fun and energetic.

Past Shows

08/27/2006 | Download File 26.92 MB -right click to download

Adam Tinkoff Interview about Weight Loss and Fitness In this episode I play part one of an interview with Adam Tinkoff of the Podcast Burning 20.  We talk about his success in losing twenty pounds and his new-found enthusiasm for running, including training for a marathon.  I also dis

08/21/2006 | Download File 40.01 MB -right click to download

Exercise, Diet and Your Cholesterol level In this podcast I try to learn how to use my new telephone interview equipment - and fail.  The podcast is an interview with Paul Sorace, a clinical exercise physiologist at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey.  Paul recently published an excel

08/13/2006 | Download File 41.46 MB -right click to download

The Falmouth Road Race In this show I interview runners at the Falmouth Road Race, including running legends Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers.  The theme of the podcast is finding the motivation for fitness. Music: Charlie Crowe - Crowe Jam American Heartbreak - Somebody Bill DeRome - New Ye

08/06/2006 | Download File 35.04 MB -right click to download

The Health Makeover Challenge In this episode I do an interview with Mark and Melissa, two people who recently took my Health Makeover Challenge.  We report on their results, including weight changes, and before-and-after lab testing.  The Health Makeover Challenge is an eight-to-ten week

07/27/2006 | Download File 27.80 MB -right click to download

Dietary Supplements In this episode we discuss dietary supplements and what you should know about the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. References: Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Wellness Letter Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements and Cardiovascular Disease What Vitamin Soul

07/19/2006 | Download File 26.79 MB -right click to download

Women and Heart Disease: This show reveals the reality that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States - six times bigger than breast cancer!  We also explore the role of a fit lifestyle in preventing heart disease in both men and women. References: The National Coalit

07/03/2006 | Download File 23.98 MB -right click to download

Weight Loss: References: National Weight Control Registry Junk Food Nation Food Industry Advertising Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance Healthy Lifestyle Characteristics Among Adults in the U.S. IDEA Health and Fitness Association Body Mass Index Calculator Music Links: Charlie Crowe Matthew Ebel Be

06/24/2006 | Download File 25.11 MB -right click to download

Fitness Rocks Podcast 002 Article references: Coffee and Parkinson's Disease - JAMA Coffee and liver cirrhosis - Archives of Internal Medicine Coffee and Type 2 diabetes - JAMA Coffee and CHD in Women - JAMA 1996 Overtraining - Essentials of Exercise Physiology, second edition, Lippincott, Will

06/20/2006 | Download File 24.05 MB -right click to download

Fitness Rocks Podcast 001 Music links for this episode: Charlie Crowe Ian Knapp Java Musik Katy Pfaffl Allison Crowe Topic references: The Hidden and Potent Effects of Television Advertising:  Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter         &nbs

09/03/2006 | Download File 36.37 MB -right click to download

Healthy Weight, Exercise Capacity, Nicotine, Adam Tinkoff Interview Part 2 In this episode I answer listener questions about what is a healthy weight, and what is "maximum exercise capacity" and why is it important?  I also take to my soapbox about a recent news item regarding the tob


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