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Fitness Rocks
Fitness news, commentary, and interviews by Monte Ladner, M.D. The podcast contains podsafe music to keep it fun and energetic.

Past Shows

05/12/2007 | Download File 8.94 MB -right click to download

Nutrition and Age-Related DisabilityIn this podcast I'll review two articles looking at the role of micronutrients in preventing declining muscular strength and cognitive abilities as we age.  What you eat today has a great deal to do with how well you will be able to function when you're older

05/17/2007 | Download File 4.39 MB -right click to download

Yo Yo Dieting and Your HealthOn this Short Run we're going to talk about the health consequences of repeatedly losing and then regaining weight.  This is a common phenomenon associated with attempting to lose weight using unsustainable fad diets.  Click here to vote for Fitness Rocks at Po

05/23/2007 | Download File 7.23 MB -right click to download

Your waist size and your healthHey, I missed the last Saturday post of Fitness Rocks because I was in Austin, Texas attending my oldest son's graduation from college.  On this short run we'll be talking about the relationship between your waist size and your health.  It's not enough just t

06/16/2007 | Download File 39.34 MB -right click to download

Changing Your Diet and Exercising can Save Your Life - an Interview with Bob Torres from the Vegan Freak Radio PodcastBob Torres has a Ph.D. from Cornell University and teaches at a college in Upstate New York.  His wife also has a Ph.D. from Cornell and teaches at the same college.  Toget

04/26/2007 | Download File 7.74 MB -right click to download

Fitness Level and the Risk of StrokeCan being more fit reduce your risk of having a stroke?  Check out Fitness Rocks Short Run 012 for the details.Click here to vote for Fitness Rocks at Podcast AlleyReferences:Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Risk of Stroke in Men

07/07/2007 | Download File 25.16 MB -right click to download

Weight Lifting and Your GenesIn Fitness Rocks Podcast 053 we will review two articles on the health benefits of strength training.  One of the articles talks about how you can begin practicing genetic medicine all by yourself - I think you'll find this to be some very empowering information.The

06/30/2007 | Download File 19.35 MB -right click to download

How Intensity Affects Exercise BenefitsIn this weeks show I review an article from the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings that looked at the effects of different exercise intensities with regards to lowering blood pressure, increasing strength, and improving measured aerobic fitness.  The results

06/23/2007 | Download File 15.82 MB -right click to download

Making Bad Cholesterol Better or WorseIn this episode of Fitness Rocks we'll review studies relating to how diet affects the form in which LDL cholesterol exists in our body.  It turns out that the Mediterranean Diet, with its high content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, reduces the amount of oxidiz

05/31/2007 | Download File 8.00 MB -right click to download

Weight Loss: How They Did ItIn this short run I do a shameless promotion of my new audio book Weight Loss: How They Did It by playing the first track of the program.  This is a ten track, two-hour program.  The tracks alternate between the four Fitness Rocks Listeners I interviewed for the

06/02/2007 | Download File 29.69 MB -right click to download

An Interview with Monte Ladner, M.D.The Fitness Rocks podcast began posting shows one year ago on June 20, 2007.  There have been a total of 64 episodes posted.  In this episode of Fitness Rocks I interview Monte Ladner, M.D. about how and why he started the Fitness Rocks podcast.Dr. Ladne


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