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Fitness Rocks

Fitness Rocks

Podcast Host: Monte Ladner, M.D.

Podcast Ownerdrmonte


Location: Massachusetts

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Fitness news, commentary, and interviews by Monte Ladner, M.D. The podcast contains podsafe music to keep it fun and energetic.


Retro - The libsyn Stroll 2005  play >

Retro - The libsyn Stroll 2005

8/11/2010 | Download File (2.48 MB) - right click to download

It seems like yesterday, or a year ago...  But produced in November of '05 this video by Nathan Cornett and Andy Kelemen was released on our old old libsyn blog.   Presented in stunning iPod 5GD (that's 320 x 213) Here's our first libsyn video promo: The libsyn Stroll For full credits check out the original post about this fun vid with a "circa '93 pringles feel".  

Podcast Companion App v1.7 Demo  play >

Podcast Companion App v1.7 Demo

6/14/2010 | Download File (23.64 MB) - right click to download

This is an early demo of the 1.7 generation of our podcast iPhone apps.  This version supports iOS4 with a breakthrough feature for audio podcasts- background playback!Now, for the first time we can run our apps in the background allowing listeners of the show the ability to multi-task on their iPhone or iPod Touch.  The 1.7 apps will also run on iOS 3.x but without the background audio support.Apple started to accept iOS4 compatible apps last week.  We expect to start shipping 1.7 apps as early as next friday in anticipation of the iOS4 (and iPhone4) release on 6/24.

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