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Films from the Granny
Podcast Host: Grandma
Podcast Owner: UrsaMinorAudio
Podcast Location: Melbourne, Australia
Website: http://filmsfromthegranny.tumblr.com
Episodes: 15
Featuring movie reviews, trivia games and appearances from everyone's favourite Granny.

Past Shows

08/02/2012 | Download File 8.96 MB -right click to download

MIFF starts today! To celebrate this, Blair talks about the last of the films he's going to see that have not already been covered and Adam talks about some local Australian entries.

08/06/2012 | Download File 48.45 MB -right click to download

The show runs a little long this week due to our hosts Ben and Adam getting a little excited when trying so hard to talk seriously about Billy Madison and struggling to compare it to the great "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

07/15/2012 | Download File 42.28 MB -right click to download

This week Adam invites Blair to discuss a rather unusual combination of films. They talk about the factors that make a film what it is and why these elements influenced their ratings. Adam also teases a bonus episode of Films from the Granny, stay tuned for more!

07/08/2012 | Download File 60.79 MB -right click to download

This week Adam is joined by Anna to review two unusual films. Adam also introduces a new feature and both hosts recommend a film that listeners should watch. Check our Facebook page to see what the reccomendations are.

07/03/2012 | Download File 21.11 MB -right click to download

This episode features Adam and Andrew discussing The Truman Show and Le Placard (The Closet), while working out a few kinks along the way.

07/30/2012 | Download File 41.51 MB -right click to download

Blair and Adam both heap praise upon this slightly more conventional double bill and discuss the Quentin Tarantino universe and the abundance of references. Check our Facebook page this week to see the links mentioned in this episode.

08/09/2012 | Download File 15.29 MB -right click to download

The first of the reviews. Blair has been to see his first films of the festival and gives us his reviews.

08/20/2012 | Download File 43.85 MB -right click to download

Ben comes back for a hat-trick of shows. The boys disagree on Belle du Jour as Adam is in love with Luis Bunuel and Ben is less enamoured, but they're both very enthusiastic about the second film, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, praising it for it's subtlety and maturity in almost every aspect.

09/02/2012 | Download File 40.63 MB -right click to download

Blair is back in the co-host seat this week, as the boys dissect the 1980s animated film 'Heavy Metal' and Gus Van Sant's Oscar-nominated biopic 'Milk'. Neither are particularly enamoured with the first flick, but Adam heaps praise on Sean Penn and the entirety of Van Sant's film.

08/12/2012 | Download File 43.96 MB -right click to download

Ben returns for a second week where the plans got mixed up and so this weeks double feature is even more unusual and definitely unplanned. The boys discuss how both films had a clear message and how the delivery of this message may have comprimised the quality of the film.


The Granny Goes

One of the more original movie based podcasts we've had the pleasure enjoying on the show. The movie based games are definitely something which puts this show ahead of other more traditional review based movie podcasts. Mattou of Reaction Podcast
Reviewed on 02/21/2014

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