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Dr. Clark Carlton comments weekly on matters of faith, philosophy and Orthodoxy.

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10/06/2008 | Download File 4.42 MB -right click to download

The title of today's episode begs the question: Do we mine the Scriptures and the Fathers to get information or food?

09/22/2008 | Download File 4.19 MB -right click to download

Wednesdays and Fridays are fast days for Orthodox Christians. But, why do we observe this and what spiritual benefit is there?

09/03/2008 | Download File 4.64 MB -right click to download

Clark wishes everyone a happy new (Church) year by exploring the importance of the Church cycle and the significance of the Theotokos.

08/15/2008 | Download File 4.47 MB -right click to download

Today Clark tackles another one of the many challenging topics submitted by our listeners - Universalism.

08/05/2008 | Download File 5.74 MB -right click to download

Thanks to everyone who sent in the many wonderful suggestions for topics. Clark is starting to tackle them with this commentary on a difficult and controversial subject.

07/26/2008 | Download File 4.72 MB -right click to download

A recent archeological discovery is in the news and Clark is more fascinated with the reactions of people than the discovery itself. Also, Clark is looking for topics and/or questions you would like for him to discuss on future podcasts. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) // var

06/15/2008 | Download File 4.86 MB -right click to download

Clark takes a line from his favorite novel which is a story of God's grace but he's not so sure about the new movie adaptation coming out this summer!

05/11/2008 | Download File 4.63 MB -right click to download

It isn't just our understanding of God or the Christian life that is defined by our participation in the Mysteries, our understanding of creation itself, as well as our place within it, begins in the font and ends up on the table.

04/25/2008 | Download File 5.00 MB -right click to download

A lesson learned on sin, repentance and forgiveness from the sin of Judas.

04/07/2008 | Download File 4.57 MB -right click to download

In this episode, Clark comments on administrative unity from a perspective that you may not have heard before. (10:00)


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