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Faith and Philosophy
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Episodes: 11
Dr. Clark Carlton comments weekly on matters of faith, philosophy and Orthodoxy.

Past Shows

11/20/2007 | Download File 5.40 MB -right click to download

Today during Thanksgiving week and the feast of the Presentation of the Theotokos into the Temple, Clark reflects on the Living Temple through which God Himself comes to dwell among His people.

11/10/2007 | Download File 5.07 MB -right click to download

In part 2 on this topic, Clark challenges the presuppostion many scientists have about evolution.

11/06/2007 | Download File 5.08 MB -right click to download

Science can ask "how" but it cannot ask "why" in the ultimate philisophical sense. Listen as Clark begins an exploration of scientific reason in the light of God and faith.

10/29/2007 | Download File 4.79 MB -right click to download

Clark describes the fertile ground in the South for the seeds of Orthodoxy which could come through some unusual music forms. He references the following web site: http://oldregularbaptist.com/music.html

10/22/2007 | Download File 5.16 MB -right click to download

Clark talks about the Christian culture of the South in part 1 of a short series. (This World is Not My Home short music clip was from the Chuck Wagon Gang)

10/13/2007 | Download File 4.71 MB -right click to download

Clark continues his discussion of right vs. left and helps us understand the nature of the left as measured by the proper definition of Anti-Christ.

10/08/2007 | Download File 5.01 MB -right click to download

How do we as Orthodox Christians view the strategies of the so called "religious right"? Clark explores an alternative approach rooted in our eucharistic Tradition.

09/29/2007 | Download File 5.06 MB -right click to download

We want our children to grow up with a Christian, not secular, mindset. So who has the responsibility to make sure that happens?

09/15/2007 | Download File 5.65 MB -right click to download

Clark draws on the Greek philosophers to set the stage for our spiritual disciplines as Orthodox Christians today.

09/09/2007 | Download File 4.34 MB -right click to download

The virtue of humility can be elusive especially when we have been wronged.


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