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Eye on Books BOOKCAST

Eye on Books BOOKCAST


Podcast Host: Bill Thompson


Location: Washington, DC

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Interviews with authors of new, bestselling books.


Friendship, Respect, Love – And The Vietnam War  play >

Friendship, Respect, Love – And The Vietnam War

10/29/2014 | Download File (7.33 MB) - right click to download

As Roger Connors, a widower with no children, ponders whether to pursue aggressive treatment for his cancer, a cryptic note arrives from a long-lost Air Force buddy announcing the visit of an acquaintance from Vietnam. The startling news resurrects ghosts of fallen comrades and haunting memories of the great love he once knew. In C.L. Hoang‘s novel “Once upon a Mulberry Field” shocking revelations from his visitor uncover a missing part of Roger’s life he never dreamed possible. Peeling back one layer at a time, he delves into a decades-old secret in search of answers and traces of a passion unfulfilled. From the jungles of Vietnam through the minefields of the heart, “Once upon a Mulberry Field” follows one man’s journey of self-discovery, fraught with disillusionment and despair but ultimately redeemed by the power of love. More below the media player. Listen to C.L. Hoang The Indie Author Life “Where did you get your title?” It’s one of the most common questions an author hears, and C.L. Hoang says he hears it all the time. He wrote in a recent blog post that “It was derived from the two famous lines in the Vietnamese masterpiece popularly known as Truy?n Ki?u […] Similar Posts: The True Cost of War For Soldiers and Families Indie Authors, Why They’re Telling You to Go Away Homeless But Not Hopeless Is This Why Readers Don’t Finish Books? Inside A Successful Writer’s Imagination The post Friendship, Respect, Love – And The Vietnam War appeared first on The Bookcast.

Obsessed With the Past to Save the Future  play >

Obsessed With the Past to Save the Future

10/27/2014 | Download File (6.94 MB) - right click to download

When Stanislaw Gombrowicz falls into a coma he finds himself in the strange land of Pileck with a new name and no memory. As we learn in James Eddy‘s novel “The Dark Era” in this new world, a war is raging between the people of Pileck and their monstrous enemies the Sinistrians and the Curzonians. Danger seems to be everywhere but as Stanislaw’s strength grows so does the threat when it becomes clear that it is he who is actually the single greatest weapon of the war; a weapon that the enemies of Pileck will do anything to possess in order to destroy everything he has and will ever love. As this is happening, in the real world his grandson, Jonathon, is attempting to find a way to write a book about Stanislaw’s experiences during World War II. The obstacles he faces are not insignificant. The facts he has are fragmented, distorted by the old man’s Alzheimer’s-ravaged memories. Separate and almost unknowingly the two of them must find a way to reach the end; to survive long enough to keep the past and present alive even as life itself is slipping away. More below the media player. Listen to James […] Similar Posts: A Ninth Century Test for a Young Priest Love, Hatred and Jealousy. But Also Regret. Rejection – It’s No Joy For Me, Either Young Couple in Love: Haven’t We Done This Before? War, Holocaust, Rebellion – and Dragons and Runics The post Obsessed With the Past to Save the Future appeared first on The Bookcast.

She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival  play >

She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival

10/10/2014 | Download File (6.62 MB) - right click to download

Fiery tornadoes cut through quiet forests. Balls of lightning burn everything in their paths. Earthquakes open chasms that swallow vehicles whole. Clement is reeling from a new onslaught of curses, and it all started the day a mysterious, giant woman arrived at Jenna’s school. In Dave Becker‘s young adult supernatural fantasy “The Apolline Sibyl,” Jenna Hamilton was just hoping for a normal sophomore year of high school. Instead she finds herself trapped in the middle of devastating plagues, mythical creatures, and a satanic plot to destroy the people she loves most. As she struggles to make sense of her little corner of the world, Jenna learns that the rest of the planet is dying and she may be the key to its survival. Listen to Dave Becker Similar Posts: The End of the World, Brought To You By The New Kid Her Superpower – From God The Down-to-Earth Children of Asgard Life, Love, and Business in Hollywood A Battle for Survival On a Hostile Planet The post She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival appeared first on The Bookcast.

A Tale of a Tortured Tenure. Now She Can Laugh About It.  play >

A Tale of a Tortured Tenure. Now She Can Laugh About It.

10/8/2014 | Download File (7.23 MB) - right click to download

Have you ever dreamed of trading your robust urban lifestyle for the simple life of small town U.S.A.? DK King has been there. Her book “Living The Big Sky Life” is a clever memoir that will take you on a healing journey from the outside in — from the coastlines of Orange County, California, to the big sky resort town of Whitefish, Montana. Recounting her personal ordeal with vivid clarity and unparalleled recall, DK King chronicles an unforgettable series of transformational experiences as only a great storyteller can. In a voice that is audacious, real, raw and irreverent , DK King portrays her powerful passage through the peaks and valleys of love and life on her quintessential quest to turn the lemons in her life into an ocean of lemonade. More below the media player. Listen to DK King The Indie Author Life Similar Posts: A Terrible Crime Finally Uncovered Stuck On a Prison Planet With a Killer A Girlfriend! A Girlfriend! My Kingdom for a Girlfriend! Conspiracy. Assassination Plot. Intrepid Reporter. Go! Greek Myth Brought to New Life The post A Tale of a Tortured Tenure. Now She Can Laugh About It. appeared first on The Bookcast.

A Perfect Life Crumbles. Can This Teen Survive?  play >

A Perfect Life Crumbles. Can This Teen Survive?

10/6/2014 | Download File (7.34 MB) - right click to download

Taliyah Russo seems to be living the perfect middle class suburban life: supportive parents, good school, devoted friends. But when her family’s dark secrets come to light, the facade of perfection crumbles. In the new novel “Heart of Kings” by Fanchon Stylezz, Taliyah leaves Long Island to live with her grandmother in Red Hook Brooklyn, where she meets two mysterious, treacherous but alluring men who vie for her attention. Caught in the middle of a twisted love triangle, things get explosive when Taliyah recklessly decides to ignore the rules of love and keep them both. She is quickly pulled into a sordid underworld of drugs, theft and prostitution. As her life spirals out of control, Taliyah searches desperately for a way out of her increasingly perilous situation. A dangerous faceoff between the two men results in tragedy. Wil Taliyah survive to find freedom and love, or is it too late? More below the media player. Listen to Fanchon Stylezz The Indie Author Life And see the book trailer for “Heart of Kings”: Similar Posts: Prof. Henry Fell’s “Coming of Middle Age”… She Wants His Baby – But Will His Family, and The Law, A Troubled Teen Discovers His Hidden Power An Ancient Celtic Evil Threatens A Romantic Tale To Bring Your Hanky For The post A Perfect Life Crumbles. Can This Teen Survive? appeared first on The Bookcast.

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i love hearing writers talk about their books. makes me wanna write!
Reviewed on 7/12/2005

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