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03/13/2006 | Download File 15.37 MB -right click to download

North America is made up of two countries: Canada and America. Despite having many similarities, they both still have their own unique and distinct flare. Many people are unable to identify an American from a Canadian or vice versa. From this comes perhaps the two countries love-hate relationship, i

03/10/2006 | Download File 9.88 MB -right click to download

After people have traveled they always have stories to tell and share. More often than not these are the people to talk to find out where to go, what to see and how to do it. Aric and Steve give some of their personal recommendations on places to visit if you go traveling. LINK TO DOWNLOAD [...]

04/13/2006 | Download File 12.37 MB -right click to download

One of the most watched television shows of the 1990s, “Seinfeld” is a true-to-life comedy series that follows the events of a group of friends. The group consists of Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian who questions every bizarre aspect about life; George Costanza, a hard-luck member of the New

04/26/2006 | Download File 8.34 MB -right click to download

If we are honest we all enjoy a bit of gossip from time to time. Some of us just enjoy listening, while others like to pass it on and stir it up as well. Sometimes the gossip is harmless and goes no where but occasionally that bit of gossip will come back to bite you. LINK [...]

04/28/2006 | Download File 14.83 MB -right click to download

Being a lawyer is still a favored profession by many but there are also many different opinions about lawyers out there- some justified others are misconceptions. Most people might agree they are a necessary evil though….and they do make the butt of a good joke from time to time Q: What’s th

05/08/2006 | Download File 8.43 MB -right click to download

Motor vehicles are such powerful machines that sometimes we take our safety within them for granted. One of life’s most scary experiences might just be having a traffic accident. LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (right-click, save as) : advanced_englishpod039_A39_20060508.mp3(8.43mb)

05/12/2006 | Download File 11.94 MB -right click to download

In 1866, Charles A. Peverelly wrote, “The game of baseball has now become beyond question the leading feature of the outdoor sports of the United States … It is a game which is peculiarly suited to the American temperament and disposition; … in short, the pastime suits the people,

04/19/2006 | Download File 9.61 MB -right click to download

A lawyer is a person licensed by the state to advise clients in legal matters and represent them in courts of law (and in other forms of dispute resolution). Most countries today require professional law advisors in their judicial systems. Lawyers have many names in different countries—including &

05/01/2006 | Download File 8.50 MB -right click to download

Everyone dreams of being rich, of winning the lottery and never having to worry about money again. Some of us would buy a house or a car, take a trip around the world. Others might donate some to charity or give it away to family members. What would you do? LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (right-click

05/05/2006 | Download File 8.91 MB -right click to download

A company’s first sale of stock to the public. Securities offered in an IPO are often, but not always, those of young, small companies seeking outside equity capital and a public market for their stock. Investors purchasing stock in IPOs generally must be prepared to accept very large risks fo



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