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Podcast Host: Norm Sherman

Podcast Ownergoatkeeper

Website: http://web.mac.com/normsherman

Location: Baltimore

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Short fiction that is often humerous, often bizarre, always fun. Sci-fi, fantasy, wierd, disturbing- narrated by Norm Sherman


Drabblecast feed has moved!  play >

Drabblecast feed has moved!

11/20/2011 | Download File - right click to download

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Drabblecast 222 Rules for Living in a Simulation  play >

Drabblecast 222 Rules for Living in a Simulation

11/7/2011 | Download File (15.08 MB) - right click to download

Now if we, like those characters in recent movies, discovered specific clues in the world around us suggesting that we do in fact live in a simulation, we would of course consider those clues carefully to see what they say …read more

Drabblecast 221 Year of the Rabbit  play >

Drabblecast 221 Year of the Rabbit

10/30/2011 | Download File (26.39 MB) - right click to download

It used to be that the sun would go down and the streetlamps would come on and make pools of this wet, yellow light. No matter where you stood, you could see the lights on somewhere. You could run from …read more

Drabblecast 220 Trifecta XVIII  play >

Drabblecast 220 Trifecta XVIII

10/26/2011 | Download File (29.15 MB) - right click to download

Another of the Drabblecast’s vaunted Trifecta series. Three short stories, each with a unique twist. The episode begins with an interview of author J.R. Hamantaschen, Norm runs fingers through his troubled mind, learning of the seeds from which his horrors …read more

Drabblecast 219 The Big Splash  play >

Drabblecast 219 The Big Splash

10/13/2011 | Download File (27.60 MB) - right click to download

I passed the sign that read Warning: Shark Zone. The sun was setting, lighting up the tops of the condos sticking out of the water. They had been swallowed by the swollen ocean, when it spilled over, like everything else: …read more

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Have to pass on this one... 
Great production and lots of nice touches, like creepy music behind the narration and good fiction. However, the jokes are all groaners and I can't stand the voice of the narrator, Norm Sherman. If you use the words "alas" and "indeed" a lot, you probably won't be rubbed the wrong way as much as I was. I am still looking for a fiction podcast that is creepy but not nerdy. :-(
Reviewed on 4/15/2011
Drabblecast Rules 
This is one of the most hilarious and awesome podcasts out there. Norm's music, production value, and quality of stories are unmatched. This podcast features science fiction, horror, fantasy and otherwise weird stories. I would rate most of them as PG 13 ish. Norm's Weird News is pretty good and his music is excellent.
Reviewed on 1/1/2009
The Drabblecast 
This podcast rocks!
Reviewed on 6/1/2007

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