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03/06/2008 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

I found this Netflix article just fascinating - Netflix has found a way to extract value from knowledge experts thousands of miles away who are giving the company value before ever getting paid. We at PC-Doctor have our own software development challenges and we sure should look closely at the way N

01/16/2008 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

What is SMF? According to simplemachines.org, Simple Machines Forum, or SMF, is a free, professional-grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes — aka, it’s forum software. SMF is written in the popular language PHP (Andy may disagree) and us

01/11/2008 | Download File 35.59 MB -right click to download

Can you see all of CES in a day? I tried, but of course I knew I couldn’t see all of the 2,700 vendors. I saw about 20 and boy was it worth my time! CES claims it would take me 2.5 years to meet all 2700 vendors outside of the show. That is an average [...]

01/02/2008 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

My Odeo Channel (odeo/85903dbb3d191b83) I’m not an Apple-agnostic person. A bit over two decades ago I owned and liked my Apple IIc with its wow-factor portable LCD display. Sometime later my desk was graced with the original Mac right alongside an Amiga and a PC. But with my usability and let

12/14/2007 | Download File 6.26 MB -right click to download

This article closely parallels Interface Design: World of Warcraft vs. Excel. In that article, I claim that UI designers can learn from game designers. Now I’m going to claim that library authors can learn from UI designers. Library authors write code that is used by other programmers. Their i

12/12/2007 | Download File 28.23 MB -right click to download

It’s been six months since my purchase of a 17″ Toshiba Satellite P100. Before purchasing this laptop I spent many months researching the different manufacturers and quizzing the guys in our QA lab. They get to see lots of hardware, as well as complete systems, and are a great resource f

12/05/2007 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

I read a lot of programming books. However, I haven’t read many that all programmers should read. Programmers do a lot of different things, and it’s pretty darn hard to write something for all of them. In fact, I can only think of two books. If you know of another, I’d love to hear

11/27/2007 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

I assume that when computer science students go through college, they all take a required course in data structures. If I were designing a course like this, I’d make them learn how a variety of useful data structures worked. Certainly if you read a book on data structures you’ll learn th

11/16/2007 | Download File 1.00 B -right click to download

With all the talk lately of bad iPod and iPhone experiences and iTunes nightmares (See here, here, and here!), I decided to share my system for managing my music and movies to hopefully ease some iTunes pain. I’ve shunned iTunes management in favor of simplicity. I typically manage music on an

11/03/2007 | Download File 5.43 MB -right click to download

When I saw a colleague bring up Google Maps on his iPhone and then surf to a few other sites, I was sold. What a beautiful machine! What a beautiful display! I visualized myself never getting lost again, able to keep up with my e-mail and my research any time and any place. As soon [...]


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