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08/09/2007 | Download File 6.85 MB -right click to download

We all have or will come to a point in time where we will notice that our computer just isn’t running the same. Either the system will unexpectedly crash and reboot, or we will just notice that our computer is running much slower than before. The average person will just unplug their computer

08/10/2007 | Download File 6.23 MB -right click to download

You might be asking yourself, what’s this net neutrality thing I keep hearing about? Well, I asked myself the same question and decided to educate myself on the topic so that I could form my own opinions on the matter. So, what is net neutrality? Network neutrality is a principle of internet r

08/08/2007 | Download File 7.54 MB -right click to download

Writing software on multicore CPUs is a hard problem. The chip designers have told us that they’re not going to do all the work for us programmers anymore. Now we have to do something. (Here’s a good description of the problem from Herb Sutter.) Writing multithreaded apps is not easy. I&

08/07/2007 | Download File 9.45 MB -right click to download

Sometimes, an industry becomes uncreative or stops taking risks. This lets an outsider come in and gain market share by exploiting the mistakes made by an entire industry. It’s fun to look for these industries and understand what they’re doing wrong. My favorite example is the video game

08/02/2007 | Download File 2.42 MB -right click to download

Phishing occurs whenever an individual or “entity” represents itself as a legitimate company in order to solicit information from you for malicious purposes. This most frequently occurs in the form of an email that appears to be legitimate due to the presentation of the email and the ema

08/02/2007 | Download File 9.45 MB -right click to download

Here is some practical advice that can save you time, money, and that priceless data. The increasing number of computer repair and service centers opening throughout the world is proof that the average consumer is computer deficient. It is abundantly clear that there is a definite demand for their s

08/01/2007 | Download File 5.43 MB -right click to download

OK, this was supposed to be my first blog post, but then I wrote that bit about web 2.0 security. I almost dropped this post but I’m having so much fun engaging in flame wars with my co-workers I had to finish this one. Hopefully someone will take up the PHP banner and [...]

07/31/2007 | Download File 5.22 MB -right click to download

I’m a big fan of the strongly typed language vs weakly typed language debate. It’s old, but it’s also important. I’m revisiting this topic because I’m trying to decide exactly that problem on a project that I’m working on. In my case, I’m torn between client

07/23/2007 | Download File 5.59 MB -right click to download

As reported by Foxnews.com, a Swedish woman, age 75, has the world’s fastest broadband internet connection. In less than 2 seconds Sigbritt Lothberg can download a full-length movie. How does she do it? She’s tapped into a 40 gigabit-per-second connection in Karlstad, Sweden. Seriously!

08/21/2007 | Download File 5.20 MB -right click to download

My coworker and I decided to perform an experiment. For six weeks we called computer repair shops across the US and Canada and asked them what features they would like to see in hardware diagnostic tools. We received a wide range of feedback from you guys. Some used words not appropriate for this bl


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