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Downtown Abbey

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Discussing the goings on upstairs and downstairs at Downton Abbey each week. Note to American listeners: WE ARE DISCUSSING SERIES 3! Avoid the constant spoilers if you are waiting until the new year for PBS to show it. Hosted by @msqu and @leanneelston.

Past Shows

10/11/2012 | Download File 32.30 MB -right click to download

The fourth episode of series three gave @msqu and @leanneelston MUCH to discuss: sitting rooms and nurseries, Tom's name, Tom's character, Robert's fail moments, Jimmy, Alfred, the maid-who-must-not-be-named, Edith, Matthew, and snarky!Carson.

10/19/2012 | Download File 28.63 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne discuss the epic fifth episode of series 3 of Downton Abbey. In this week's episode, there is a clear MVP and a clear Fail Character, and a lot of emotions and feelings for our hosts.

10/24/2012 | Download File 28.67 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne discuss episode 306, including Baby Sybill, Mr Mason, the Pentagon of Love downstairs, Bromance of Awesome moments, Robert's stupidity, and also announce the first contest for Downtown Abbey listeners to take part in!

11/10/2012 | Download File 32.64 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne discuss the series 3 finale after a controversial ruling for last week's episode MVP. In this ep, we covered why we feel the way we feel about Rose, how broken up we were over Thomas, a few more reasons people could have to go to America, and actually applaud Robert for something fo

11/28/2012 | Download File 28.08 MB -right click to download

As Marie and Leanne discuss their rewatch of the Pilot episode of Downton Abbey, they reminisce over the firsts of the Downton world, talk about the very different feelings they had over some characters when it all began, discuss Downton news, AND they premiere a new segment on the show. Let the gam

11/02/2012 | Download File 37.22 MB -right click to download

Once again @msqu and @leanneelston break down the latest episode of Downton Abbey. This week we had a lot of drama with the males upstairs and downstairs, which always brings out a lot of Thoughts and Feelings from your hosts.

12/12/2012 | Download File 32.13 MB -right click to download

In the latest installment, @leanneelston asked that @msqu not cut out any of the bits that usually end up on the cutting room floor as they discuss episode 103, English hunting dogs, Pamuk, and come head to head again in the Character Showdown.

12/23/2012 | Download File 27.13 MB -right click to download

In the rewatch rehash of 104, @msqu and @leanneelston discuss the introduction of the entirely unimportant character of Branson and the lose-lose situation Elsie Hughes finds herself in before battling each other in another round of the Character Showdown.

12/08/2012 | Download File 28.02 MB -right click to download

Before Marie and Leanne take on each other in another round of their new character recognition game they take on some deconstruction of series one episode two. Spoilers for all three series of the show.

01/04/2013 | Download File 30.64 MB -right click to download

The very long and very eventful Christmas 2012 special for the series ended up giving @leanneelston and @msqu more than they could talk about in one podcast transmission, so this is part one of two discussing the Crawleys' excursion to the Highlands and what happened to the rest of the house while t


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