Downtown Abbey
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Discussing the goings on upstairs and downstairs at Downton Abbey each week. Note to American listeners: WE ARE DISCUSSING SERIES 3! Avoid the constant spoilers if you are waiting until the new year for PBS to show it. Hosted by @msqu and @leanneelston.

Past Shows

03/12/2014 | Download File 16.31 MB -right click to download

Love Square resolution, Baxter intrigue and endearment, Americans, Mary's Men, and much, much more as we discus the final two episodes aired for PBS season 4!

02/22/2014 | Download File 12.96 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne hone in on five females and their storylines from the last two episodes aired on PBS before the season finale.

02/06/2014 | Download File 10.70 MB -right click to download

Abbreviated discussion for PBS's airing of episode 405 (ITV 406).

01/30/2014 | Download File 13.23 MB -right click to download

Leanne and Marie discuss the standout moments from the fourth episode PBS has aired for season 4 at Downton.

01/21/2014 | Download File 13.23 MB -right click to download

How do you solve a problem like Edna? Get Detective Hughes on the case! Leanne and Marie discuss this and other standout moments in their recap of the airing of PBS episode 403 (ITV 404).

01/17/2014 | Download File 13.94 MB -right click to download

In a quick, uncut recording, Leanne and Marie catch up on some correspondence while providing their general thoughts about the state of Downton Abbey after the first two weeks for the new season in America for PBS viewers.

01/05/2014 | Download File 26.59 MB -right click to download

The Crawleys take London, and Marie and Leanne take on the 2013 Christmas special.

12/09/2013 | Download File 11.80 MB -right click to download

The London Season is coming, and we all know that means Marie's hopes and dreams are finally coming true. Leanne helps keep her coherent as the two discuss their thoughts, reactions, and predictions for the Christmas Special in relation to the trailer released December 7 by itv.

11/21/2013 | Download File 39.32 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne discuss the VERY packed finale episode for series 4.

11/08/2013 | Download File 27.31 MB -right click to download

Marie and Leanne finally get to discuss a character going to America, the troubles of Edith, more Downton Golden Girl time, and the three ships of Lady Mary Crawley.


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