Podcast Host: Derek Sheen, Joe Henry, and Adam Smith
Podcast Owner: DeliciousMediocrity
Podcast Location: Seattle, WA
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Episodes: 20
Delicious Mediocrity
A weekly podcast hosted by Seattle based comedians Derek Sheen, Joe Henry, and Adam Smith. Listen to these knuckleheads talk about a variety of topics including, comedy, pop-culture and politics. Recorded at the People's Republic Kafe in Seattle, WA.

Past Shows

09/26/2010 | Download File 37.73 MB -right click to download

This week's guest is stand up comedian Andy Haynes, who is fresh from doing a killer set on the Jimmy Fallon Show! Andy graciously agreed to call in and talk to us about buffets and Delicious Mediocrity's favorite subject, Joe Henry. We also tackle the subject of Canada and then listen to Derek rega

08/15/2010 | Download File 43.74 MB -right click to download

This week we are joined by comedic sketch duo and film makers extraordinaire, Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke! Travis and Kevin came to fill in for Derek (Happy Anniversary!), talk about their new film "Adventure Buddies", read one of the worst screenplays ever written, and generally demonstrate to Joe

10/03/2010 | Download File 42.32 MB -right click to download

Holy crap, what a great episode! This week we a joined by L.A. stand-up comedian Andy Peters and Seattle, comedian, and writer, Paul Merrill. The boys discuss Utili-Kilts, Segways, bad gigs, "work parties", and Derek's past snoring problem. And of course this episode is dedicated to the late Greg Gi

08/29/2010 | Download File 29.93 MB -right click to download

This week Rylee Newton fills in for Joe who is out sweet talking the Canadian Government. Our guests are stand-up comedians Andy Wood, April Richardson, and Daniel Duarte. Things get funny when everyone pitches their best sitcom/movie ideas. Then things get funnier when everyone plots a scheme

10/17/2010 | Download File 20.84 MB -right click to download

We were honored to have comedian Rick Shapiro as our guest! Rick talks to us about his roll on HBO's Lucky Louie, his relationships with women, L.A., sex, and his twin brother. We had such a great time that we recorded an extra long show and split it into two parts. So, this is the first half of our

10/24/2010 | Download File 24.34 MB -right click to download

This is the second half of our extended interview with Rick Shapiro. Rick talks to us about how he got started in comedy, which leads him into sharing with us his past as a mob errand boy, and his times as a male prostitute. Plus, it wouldn't be an episode of Delicious Mediocrity if we didn't discus

10/31/2010 | Download File 27.41 MB -right click to download

Back to basics! With Adam Smith moving to L.A. next month we thought it would be good to just sit down and have a chat between the three of us. We get into a deep conversation about recording music and comedy. Doug and Derek talk a little bit about Seattle's late Rock N' roll Comedy Show. Doug final

11/28/2010 | Download File 27.70 MB -right click to download

This week we have stand up comedians Drake Witham and Elicia Sanchez on the podcast. Drake has been on Live at Gotham and is a former winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition. Elicia is the host of our sister podcast, The Enematic Cinematic. We talk about bad/cult movies, weddings, singer/songwriter

12/05/2010 | Download File 29.29 MB -right click to download

This week features the reluctant return of Seattle stand up comedian, Solomon Georgio! Of course, we discuss the debauchery that happened on the show last time Solomon was a guest. Solomon tells us about some of his most memorable strip club visits, where we all discover "Sharky's Strip Club". We al

11/21/2010 | Download File 28.84 MB -right click to download

This episode marks a new era in Delicious Mediocrity! We are now down to two just hosts, Derek and Doug, and we think the podcast is better for it. So, to celebrate the loss of dead weight we talk to comedian Lizzy Pilcher about her move from Seattle to L.A., cockroaches, comedy competitions, and st


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