Podcast Host: Don Ecker
Podcast Owner: vincentpube
Podcast Location: Sothern California
Website: http://paranormal-palace.page.tl
Episodes: 1101
Dark Matters Radio Show with Don Ecker
Dark Matters Radio Show with Don Ecker tackles the unknown, UFO's, Aliens, government conspiracy.

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Don is back and better than ever

What can you say? The production is outstanding and Don is the new king of radio.
Reviewed on 06/30/2006


oh yeh!!!
Reviewed on 09/24/2008

Dark Matters - Listener Beware

DM Radio can be interesting.... or ponderous. It depends on the guest/subject. While Ecker harkens back to the "golden age" of UFO research, he's been out of it for a while, and shows his age - particularly with sometime co-host Richard Sarradet. While they both have a great deal of knowledge as well as first-hand experience with some of the biggies of the UFO world, they tend to drift off to discuss details of their personal lives interspersed with corny jokes, Ecker's guffaws, and Sarradet's problematic mumbling. When Ecker offers up replays of his old show "UFO's Tonite" or treats his audience to a truly great guest, the pace and info offerings pick up and some real tidbits are there for the munching. Best not to listen to this show live, however (unless you want to call in), as Ecker's delivery is quite slow and labored - that's what the "2x" speed setting is made for on your podcast player!
Reviewed on 12/14/2012

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