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Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

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Podcast Host: Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini

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Comedian/Filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the COMEDY FILM NERDS. We bring you all things comedy and film nerd related! Come listen to this week's podcast about the latest film releases.


Ep 229 Aaron Brungardt  play >

Ep 229 Aaron Brungardt

8/26/2014 | Download File (72.28 MB) - right click to download

*ROBIN WILLIAMS FILM CAREER DISCUSSED* Chris and Graham welcome nerd intern Aaron Brungardt into the gargoyle garage.  All three talk about their favorite Robin Williams films.

Ep 228 Janet Varney  play >

Ep 228 Janet Varney

8/19/2014 | Download File (61.01 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: EXPENDABLES 3, FINDING VIVIAN MAIER, LOCKE* Chris and Graham welcome back Janet Varney into the Nerd HQ.  Chris tells us why he loves the big dumbness of the Expendables.  Janet was very intrigued by Finding Vivian Maier doc.  Graham really enjoyed Locke.  Then Janet talks about SF Sketchfest and the Muppet Movie.  This ep will make you want to train a goblin. 

Ep 227 Jordan Brady  play >

Ep 227 Jordan Brady

8/12/2014 | Download File (67.87 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DUSCUSSED: A HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY, LUCY, A MOST WANTED MAN, I AM ROAD COMIC* Chris and Graham welcome director Jordan Brady into the nerd garage.  Jordan liked A Hundred-foot Journey.  Graham was let down by Lucy.  Chris saw Guardians of the Galaxy again with his daughter and they both liked it.  Graham enjoyed A Most Wanted Man.  Jordan talks about his new fiilm I am Road Comic.  Some good new DVDs and Chris is excited about The Expendables 3.

Spoiler Ep 20 Guardians of The Galaxy  play >

Spoiler Ep 20 Guardians of The Galaxy

8/7/2014 | Download File (53.18 MB) - right click to download

*SPOILER ALERT GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: KEY POINTS OF FILM INCLUDING ENDING WILL BE DISCUSSED* Chris, Graham and Jackie Kashian talk about why they all loved GOTG! This ep will get you hooked on a feeling.

Ep 226 Eddie Ifft  play >

Ep 226 Eddie Ifft

8/5/2014 | Download File (53.49 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, SNOWPIERCER, STAR WARS TRILOGY* Chris and Graham welcome back Eddie Ifft into the nerd garage.  Graham and Chris loved Guardians! Eddie enjoyed Snowpiercer.  Graham showed his nephews the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS and it was great.  Eddie talks about his kickstarter, The Bingle Bus, campaign.  So-so week for new DVDs.  And then Step Up ALL IN right past that dumb looking turtles film.  This ep is your father.

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