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Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

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Podcast Host: Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini

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Comedian/Filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the COMEDY FILM NERDS. We bring you all things comedy and film nerd related! Come listen to this week's podcast about the latest film releases.


Spoiler ep 21 Gone Girl  play >

Spoiler ep 21 Gone Girl

10/17/2014 | Download File (51.40 MB) - right click to download

*SPOILER ALERT: KEY PLOT POINTS WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome two lads from the Superego podcast!  Matt Gourley and Mark McConville talk why they liked Gone Girl even when Chris didn't.  Graham flip flopped like a politician who is trailing in the last week of a campaign.

Ep 236 Steele Saunders  play >

Ep 236 Steele Saunders

10/14/2014 | Download File (69.01 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: KILL THE MESSENGER, WHIPLASH, GONE GIRL AND MORE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Steele Saunders into the nerd garage.  Steele talks about doing his podcast The Green Guide Letters at LA Podfest this year and why he liked Kill the Messenger.  Graham enjoyed Whiplash. Chris did not like Gone Girl, which promted a Gone Girl spoiler ep that will be out later this week!  Some ok DVDs and then Fury in theaters!  This ep is like Buddy Rich when he flew off the handle.

Ep 235 Christopher Alan Broadstone  play >

Ep 235 Christopher Alan Broadstone

10/7/2014 | Download File (63.84 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: GONE GIRL, SHRIEKFEST, TIMELAPSE, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES* Chris and Graham welcome back horror film director and author, Christopher Alan Broadstone.  Graham and Broadstone really liked Gone Girl and David Fincher.  Mancini liked Timelapse, a film he saw at Shriekfest.  Broadstone talks about all his projects and what he wants to see from the horror genre.  This is the ep you will find in the woodshed.

Ep 234 Keith and The Girl  play >

Ep 234 Keith and The Girl

9/30/2014 | Download File (60.69 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE EQUALIZER, CHEF* Chris and Graham welcome back Keith and The Girl.  Everyone was bored and annoyed by The Equalizer despite Denzel's efforts to make the film better.  Then all four talk about how much fun was had at LA Podfest.  Like watching the Ear Buds trailer and hearing how Chris got so drunk he threw up after the closing night party.  This is the gypsy roof of episodes.

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