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Comedy Film Nerds Podcast
Comedian/Filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the COMEDY FILM NERDS. We bring you all things comedy and film nerd related! Come listen to this week's podcast about the latest film releases.

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01/02/2013 | Download File 42.35 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welocme back nerd writer Jackie Kashian!  They talk about why Jack Reacher is a great movie, if you are living in 1998.  Jackie loved the Hobbit and so did Chris but thought is was a little long.  Django Unchanined was good in Graham's eyes, but all would like to see

01/08/2013 | Download File 69.86 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Beth Littleford into the Nerd HQ.  Beth talks about being on the early days of The Daily Show.  Graham liked Zero Dark Thirty.  Beth was bored at Les Miserables but thinks that if you are a fan of musicals you will like it.  Chris thought

01/15/2013 | Download File 57.26 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome back comic/author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor for some nerd filled hyjinks! Stefanie talks about her new TV show on Nick Jr.  Graham thought Gangster Squad was a little cartoonish.  Stefanie didn't like Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Chirs liked Naomi Watts in The I

01/29/2013 | Download File 54.73 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome Matt Mogk from the Zombie Research Society.  Matt talks about all the solid work that ZRS is doing along with make makes a good Zombie film.  Graham had no problem with the fact that Parker was exactly what you thought it was.  Chris was completly let down by

02/05/2013 | Download File 44.41 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome themselves into the garage!  Three different guest all got sick so it's a guestless episode.  Graham thought Warm Bodies was all over the place and it is a DVD rental at best.  Chris was thouroughly impressed with the Oscar nominated documentary 5 Broken Camer

02/12/2013 | Download File 59.37 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome comic, co-host of the Paul Goebel show and SNL freelance writer Jim Bruce.  Graham liked Side Effects even though it caugh him off gaurd.  Jim says that it is ok for guys to like Les Miserables.  Then a solid discussion about hard science fiction and the films

12/25/2012 | Download File 51.61 MB -right click to download

Happy Holidays because it's the year end CFN special!  Chris and Graham take time to thank all of you fans who listen and enjoy the show.  They talk about some of their favorite films from 2012.  And thanks to all who work on the site and help make CFN great!  We couldn't do any

03/12/2013 | Download File 62.19 MB -right click to download

A lone gunman entered the Nerd HQ, Chris and Graham got excited!  Longtime nerd writer Dean Haglund came back to talk about working on a film that Chris directed.  Graham was sooooo let down by Dead Man Down.  Dean talks about a new way to fund a film he is making and why he HATED Hit

02/19/2013 | Download File 69.55 MB -right click to download

It's the Oscar preview episode with Doug Benson!  Chris, Graham and Doug give their picks on who should win and who will win Oscar Gold! From best picture all the way down to best short film, these three nerds give you everything you will need for your Oscar pool!

03/06/2013 | Download File 63.60 MB -right click to download

Chris and Graham welcome host of the JV Club podcast, Janet Varney, into the nerd HQ.  Janet talks about how her podcast has evolved since it started a year ago. Graham recommends Emperor as a good film about post WWII Japan.  Chris was let way down by The Sweeney.  Then all three tal


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