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Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

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Podcast Host: Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini

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Comedian/Filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the COMEDY FILM NERDS. We bring you all things comedy and film nerd related! Come listen to this week's podcast about the latest film releases.


Ep 232 David Huntsberger  play >

Ep 232 David Huntsberger

9/16/2014 | Download File (67.63 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: CALVARY, FRANK, BLUE RUIN, UNDER THE SKIN* Chris and Graham welcome nerd writer David Huntsberger back to the sweaty nerd cave.  Graham enjoyed Calvary even with some slow pacing.  Chris thought Frank missed a little but still good.  David enjoyed Blue Ruin even with some flaws.  David talks about his upcoming comedy special and the origins of #workit.  This ep will be easier on the ears than saying "oil tanker."

Ep 231 Chris and Graham  play >

Ep 231 Chris and Graham

9/9/2014 | Download File (65.58 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, ZERO THEOREM, SIN CITY, BOYHOOD, TEMPORARY FAMILY, BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES*  Chirs and Graham make fun of Kira Soltanovich for forgetting to come to Chris'.  Graham really liked The Fault in Our Stars.  Chris found new Terry Gilliam film, Zero Theorem, to be interesting.  Graham liked Sin City.  Chris thought Boyhood was great.  Then Graham talks about his Asia tour and the Hong Kong and Chinese films he saw.  This episode will make you want to become like water, my friend.

Ep 230 Dana Gould  play >

Ep 230 Dana Gould

9/2/2014 | Download File (58.31 MB) - right click to download

*THEMED EPSISODE: CLASSIC HORROR MOVIES FROM 1930'S-70'S* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Dana Gould, into the nerd garage.  Dana shares his vast knowledge on classic horror films from the 30's and 40's and beyond. Only garlic, a silver bullet or fire will stop this ep.

Ep 229 Aaron Brungardt  play >

Ep 229 Aaron Brungardt

8/26/2014 | Download File (72.28 MB) - right click to download

*ROBIN WILLIAMS FILM CAREER DISCUSSED* Chris and Graham welcome nerd intern Aaron Brungardt into the gargoyle garage.  All three talk about their favorite Robin Williams films.

Ep 228 Janet Varney  play >

Ep 228 Janet Varney

8/19/2014 | Download File (61.01 MB) - right click to download

*FILMS DISCUSSED: EXPENDABLES 3, FINDING VIVIAN MAIER, LOCKE* Chris and Graham welcome back Janet Varney into the Nerd HQ.  Chris tells us why he loves the big dumbness of the Expendables.  Janet was very intrigued by Finding Vivian Maier doc.  Graham really enjoyed Locke.  Then Janet talks about SF Sketchfest and the Muppet Movie.  This ep will make you want to train a goblin. 

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