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Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

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Podcast Host: Tom and Cecil

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Location: Chicago

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Every episode we blast anyone who gets in our way. We bring critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes us mad. Itís skeptical, itís political and there is no welcome mat.


Episode 174: The Itch ;-)  play >

Episode 174: The Itch ;-)

9/1/2014 | Download File (70.44 MB) - right click to download

  GOP candidate: Colorado gay congressman will behead Christians who don’t worship sodomy Science, not God, saved him from Ebola Kevin Sorbo And Rick Wiles Agree: Atheists Are Angry Because They Know God Exists 5 Crazy Myths About Sex From the Religious Right Harlem Church Rails Against Obama, Muslims, “No-Honor” Blacks; Wishes “Cancer, HIV” on Gay-Friendly Believers Pat Robertson: Possibly Gay Teenager Will Be Straight If He Has A Man In His Life Pastor calls to imprison gays for ‘ten years hard labor’ with new constitutional amendment   Come to our picnic!  

Episode 173: Potential Hero Sandwich  play >

Episode 173: Potential Hero Sandwich

8/27/2014 | Download File (100.65 MB) - right click to download

  Ultra-Orthodox school that teaches secular studies ostracized by community Woman in Ireland denied abortion at 8 weeks forced to give birth by cesarean at 25 India makes 'liking' blasphemous content illegal Sierra Leone's 365 Ebola deaths traced back to one healer Paranoia-Rama: Immigrant Child Warriors, Gay Recruitment, And Obama's Race War Missouri police officer on leave over video in which he says: 'I'm ... a killer' These 20 Countries Have No Law Against Domestic Violence Iowa GOP rep. arrested for having sex with incapacitated wife after judge told him not to Massachusetts man fears his horns, ’666′ forehead tattoo will make a fair trial impossible

Episode 172: When it Rain it Pours  play >

Episode 172: When it Rain it Pours

8/25/2014 | Download File (72.16 MB) - right click to download

  Lashes for Saudi woman who called morality police liars: newspaper Shi'ite militia kill dozens of Iraqi Sunnis in mosque shooting Ohio anti-abortion leader: Ban public nudity, breastfeeding because boobs promote Gay Pride Gene Mills: Shelters Should Turn Away Transgender Domestic Abuse Survivors Linda Harvey: LGBT Rights Ushering In 'The End Times Or The End Of America — Or Both' - Fischer: God Will Use ISIS To Punish America For Gay Rights

Episode 171: Whereís My Blacklight of Jesus?  play >

Episode 171: Whereís My Blacklight of Jesus?

8/18/2014 | Download File (64.63 MB) - right click to download

  My Christian virginity pledge nearly destroyed me California Parents Complain That Sex Ed Textbook Is ‘Equivalent To Pornography’ Texas court rules against homeschoolers who expected rapture and stopped teaching kids Saudis slated for jailing teacher Islamic State beheads, crucifies in push for Syria's east Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice Rand Paul on abortion: Civilization will collapse unless fetuses get personhood rights Tom DeLay: 'Let's Bring Jesus Christ Back Into Our Political System,' Just Like God Intended Anti-LGBT Activists Are Furious That Discriminatory Businesses Received Bad Reviews  

Episode 170: Hot Noah on Noah Action  play >

Episode 170: Hot Noah on Noah Action

8/14/2014 | Download File (65.34 MB) - right click to download

Special thanks to Heath Enwright and Noah Lugeons for joining us this week.   Check out their podcast at Oklahoma teen accused of molesting Kenyan orphans claims a demon made him do it: ‘I am powerless over what Luke wants’   The lavish homes of American archbishops   Christian Radio Host Hopes Ebola Will 'Solve America's Problems Of Atheism And Homosexuality'   Pastor John Hagee: God thinks ‘nasty’ welfare recipients should get a job or starve   David Barton: Pro-Choice Candidates Will Take Away Your Property And Guns

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Reviewed on 11/25/2013
Reviewed on 10/8/2012
full of crap 
Reviewed on 9/29/2012
I fucking love this podcast. Just came across it and already obscenely hooked. If I didn't think the hosts were probably ugly black guys, I would stalk them and have their man-babies without them knowingcrazy ass bunny-boiler style. That's how absurdly awesome this podcast is. If I had friends, I would want them to be like Tom and Cecil (what the fuck kind of name is Cecil?).
Reviewed on 9/25/2012
So funny... 
By far the funniest show I have listened to. Stand aside Colbert... :)
Reviewed on 9/24/2012

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