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City Community Church

City Community Church

Podcast Host: Erik Cooper & Nathan LaGrange

Podcast Ownercitycommunity


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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Imagine a large, growing, Bible-based church that interacts with Indianapolis and encourages the global Body of Christ. A church that rekindles the imagination of a city through the hope of Jesus Christ. A church brimming with such creativity that it inspires the city to draw close to God. A church that encourages people to space for the pursuit of life-giving relationships. A church so passionate about the world that its natural outflow is to make a difference in everything that it touches. A church that represents the heartbeat of God in the heart of the city. City Community Church is coming to downtown Indianapolis on March 1, 2009. City Community Church will meet at Clowes Auditorium at the Central Library. For more information, please visit our website at


Place Matters  play >

Place Matters

10/26/2014 | Download File (36.99 MB) - right click to download

We take a break today from the series "Living Between The Lines".  Today Nathan talks about the importance of place and how much it impacts the future of CityCom.

Living Between The Lines  play >

Living Between The Lines

10/19/2014 | Download File (30.28 MB) - right click to download

In a world of "thinking outside the box" and "drawing outside the lines", are we mixing the holy and unholy, and is it fitting right in?

Living Between The Lines  play >

Living Between The Lines

10/12/2014 | Download File (43.23 MB) - right click to download

What areas of our lives are we living in gray areas and thinking that we're not doing that bad?  Over the next few weeks we will look at what it means to Live Between The Lines.

Live Fully  play >

Live Fully

10/8/2014 | Download File (34.12 MB) - right click to download

Childlike  play >


9/28/2014 | Download File (25.95 MB) - right click to download

Today Nathan uses the picture of a child to describe how we need to approach God.

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