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Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio
Podcasts of Bigmikeydread's Radio Show. Big Mikey Dread aka Mike Murphy plays Jamaican Music from the 1950s to the Present day. Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, Early Reggae, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Modern Roots, Ragga and a whole heap more, including informative chat and enthusiastic sillyness. This podcast is downloaded in Jamaica all over the Caribbean and everywhere from China to Iceland, Africa and Peru!

Past Shows

01/15/2014 | Download File 75.72 MB -right click to download

And all that blah blah.. a new year... and a new show, new intro, new new new, shiny bright and newww.... Tracks pon this show are: Ranking Toyan - Ghetto Man Skank Bill Dogget - Honkey Tonk Part 1 The Movin' Brothers - Don't Play That Song Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer Prince Buster - Trip To Mars Sk

02/13/2014 | Download File 71.32 MB -right click to download

It's not doom and gloom, but it is an Echoey Room, in which you can hear your own thoughts bouncing back to you, like a rubber ball they'll come bouncing back to you. More Reggae based shennanigans from the Crown Prince of crap, The Prince of Poop the Viscount of Verbosity. The second show of 2014,.

02/18/2014 | Download File 46.27 MB -right click to download

Wayne Smith has died aged only 48. He and King Jammy bust Reggae wide open yet again when it went digital with the epoch defining track Under Mi Sleng Teng. Presented here is a show from many many years ago, non stop lay of some of my own favourite cuts of this truly MASSIVE riddim. Listen and weep.

03/22/2014 | Download File 120.47 MB -right click to download

138 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio - Roots and TingShow two for 2014, and there's lots of Roots on this one, plus a little ting, a flavourin' a likkel Reggae sauce, and some Rocksteady spice mix pon the chicken meal that is... Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio...Tunes are certain to include..Barrington Levy -

03/29/2014 | Download File 71.27 MB -right click to download

138.5 Big Mikey's Alternative Inbetweener 1 PURE PLAYLIST For a while now, I have to admit to being a music slut, I've been listening to other music but Reggae, Calypso, Mento Ska and ting.. indeed, I have been dining out on many and variety. This is the varietious sounds of listening, Soul, Blues,

04/20/2014 | Download File 109.20 MB -right click to download

139 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio - The Bloomin' Marvelous Reggae Show Show three (proper) or (4 improperly) for 2014. Oh how OCD! Produced in the echoey room of doom, this show includes wonderful Jamaican music, 'nuff said. Tunes are included with a most heartily defined sense of reality: Leroy Bennet

05/11/2014 | Download File 248.43 MB -right click to download

139.5 BMD meets HOR - The Bun and Cheese Anniversay Show Another alternative inbetweener for youse folks, this time a residency one dark and lightening belicked night in Stratford somewhere.. Ian and I get up to our normal stupidities in the company of the RWMN listenership and the show is offered h

05/25/2014 | Download File 97.80 MB -right click to download

140 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio - The Show With No Name Hello all, welcome, ¡hola, hallo, ????? ???, kaixo, ??????, ???????, Hej & maraba, ???? ?????? ??, bem-vindo Bigmikeydred ????? ????? ???? ??????????? ??? ???? ???, ????? ????????? ??????????? ?????, ?????? ?????? ??????? ? ????????? ???????? ?

07/17/2014 | Download File 69.48 MB -right click to download

Bigmikeydred Reggae Radio is pleased to produce something a little way different. No frills, no idents, no chat, no stings, no tings.. I want to share some other listening pleasures with you today. Tracks will include... O.V. Wright - Don't Let My Baby Ride Johnny Burnette - All By Myself David Cros

07/04/2014 | Download File 105.58 MB -right click to download

No track list this time, it's just all so anal, all that sitting there putting details up and so on, listen to the show and I tell you on that what's on it for cripes sake..


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