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Beth Ariel Messianic Congregation

Beth Ariel Messianic Congregation

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Podcast Host: Gary Derechinsky

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Location: Canoga Park, CA

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Beth Ariel is a Messianic Jewish Congregation in the greater Los Angeles area. We are a spiritual home for Jews and Gentiles who have embraced Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah and Lord. Beth Arielís purpose is to bring people into an intimate relationship with God, develop them into spiritual maturity, assist Jewish believers in exploring and maintaining their Messianic Jewish identity, aid Gentile believers in appreciating the Jewish roots of their faith, and equip all believers for a life of service


How To Respond To Suffering  play >

How To Respond To Suffering

8/16/2014 | Download File - right click to download

(1 Peter 5) When enduring suffering, we are to focus not on circumstances, but on Him, whose grace is sufficient.

How A Healthy Congregation Functions  play >

How A Healthy Congregation Functions

8/9/2014 | Download File - right click to download

What it means to be a team, united for a common purpose.

A Prayer For Israel's Deliverance  play >

A Prayer For Israel's Deliverance

8/2/2014 | Download File - right click to download

(Psalm 83) We need God's help during our challenges. We should pray for deliverance from the trials and turmoils in our lives.

The Return Of Messiah  play >

The Return Of Messiah

7/26/2014 | Download File - right click to download

The return of Messiah brings to completion His work of redemption in the individual lives of both Jews and Gentiles, as well as His plans and purposes for Israel.

Why The Nations Rage Against Israel  play >

Why The Nations Rage Against Israel

7/19/2014 | Download File - right click to download

(Ps. 2; Is. 6,14; Acts 4) Q: What is the instigation for nations to be outraged against God and Messiah? A: It is Satan, who stirs up hatred toward God.

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