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06/04/2015 | Download File 13.76 MB -right click to download

What is our relationship with those who have gone to heaven? Dr. Rossi reflects on this as well as his remembrance of Fr. Thomas Hopko.

05/18/2015 | Download File 9.54 MB -right click to download

Today, Dr. Rossi talks about thankfulness for all things - good or bad. It's an attitude we all need to cultivate.

05/01/2015 | Download File 15.68 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi talks with Fr. Joseph Purpura, Chairman of the Department of Youth and Parish Ministry for the Antiochian Archdiocese. Learn about how to best communicate with and serve our teens and young people.

03/25/2015 | Download File 29.23 MB -right click to download

Today Dr. Rossi reflects on a sermon given by a student priest at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. The topic was the action taken to get the paralytic in front of Jesus.

03/04/2015 | Download File 48.07 MB -right click to download

Today Dr. Rossi interviews Dr. Jane (Carnahan) Hinshaw, a Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan Health Care System. She is also an Orthodox Christian. They discuss mental health, medicine, and therapies designed to help those struggling.

02/17/2015 | Download File 35.26 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi interviews Dr. Dan Hinshaw, a surgeon who wrote the book "Suffering and the Nature of Healing" published by SVS Press.

02/02/2015 | Download File 44.68 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi takes us to Taylor PA and share his experience with the myrrh gushing icon at St. George Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church. He interviews a college student and plays a clip of the singing of the faithful gathered there.

01/16/2015 | Download File 17.28 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi reflects on his visit to the gravesite of his wife on New Years Eve and the significance of life, death, and the incarnation.

08/04/2015 | Download File 13.24 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi talks with graduate student and old friend Danielle Xanthos about the ministry and martyrdom of Mother Maria of Paris.

08/23/2015 | Download File 13.05 MB -right click to download

Dr. Rossi selects some of his favorite sayings from the beloved Desert Father, Abba Poemen.


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