Bandana Blues
Podcast Host: Beardo & Spinner
Podcast Owner: beardo
Podcast Location: Philly & The Hague
Episodes: 8
Blueswax's Beardo invites you on a musical journey every week for over an hour of CD quality, 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join him and Spinner, his co-host from The Hague, for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.

Past Shows

06/18/2005 | Download File 3.62 MB -right click to download

New Music from Jason Ricci and New Blood, Angela Strehli and Mitch Kashmar, plus a Spinner's Birthday Section !!, ENJOY! Thanks For Listening! Please drop me an e-mail.

06/18/2005 | Download File 1.92 MB -right click to download

Are you curious as to why 90% of the planet hates Americans? Here is just one more reason! Backing tune Slap Happy-Little Charlie and the Nightcats

06/18/2005 | Download File 2.81 MB -right click to download

Ranting about Michael Jackson Backing tune Don "Sugarcane" Harris-Song For My Father"

06/18/2005 | Download File 3.64 MB -right click to download

New Music from Kevin McKendree and James Blood Ulmer and more, plus a Spinner's Section taking a spin around Europe!!, ENJOY! Thanks For Listening! Please drop me an e-mail.

06/04/2005 | Download File 2.57 MB -right click to download

Ranting about American TV and Paypal request. Blather and Smoke as Capt. Beefheart would call it! Backing tune Denny Freeman-Clem's Dilemma

06/04/2005 | Download File 36.54 MB -right click to download

We say goodbye, one more time to Oscar Brown Jr. Otherwise, just a typical Bandana Blues with Spinner's Section, ENJOY! Thanks For Listening!

06/07/2005 | Download File 36.47 MB -right click to download

Attention: Part 2 of Cover Shows This show was mis-filed and previously unavailable. My bad,... enjoy now, if you wish... it is a good one!! [email protected] Part 2 of Beardo & Spinners All Cover Tunes Show. Includes a short rant about what "Podsafe" is. Updated info on The 15th Annual Bandan

06/04/2005 | Download File 2.43 MB -right click to download

One more time into the breach!! Did I spell that right? Rant includes thalmades and John Sinclair's new Podcast!

06/04/2005 | Download File 799.20 MB -right click to download

New music from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, plus a couple tunes that help explain just what Bandana Blues, is. We also say goodbye to Oscar Brown Jr.

05/28/2005 | Download File 2.43 MB -right click to download

Just a little one-way conversation from Beardo as he casts a jaundiced look at the Memorial Day holiday in the states and gives you an idea about the contents of this weeks show. Make it two way and drop him a line, Ok? [email protected] BTW, the tune behind my rant is Denny Freeman-Cat Fight


Bandana Blues

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