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BBC Friday Night Comedy

Bringing you a satirical take on the week's news with the cream of UK comedy talent from BBC Radio 4.

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06/25/2010 | Download File 26.38 MB -right click to download

Squad Rotation. John Finnemore co-hosts alongside Steve Punt, with the show inevitably focusing around the emergency budget and the World Cup, but also squeezing in a good deal about bees, a plan to abolish all taxation, a handy guide to recycling and a lullaby for Andy Murray. Starring Steve Punt a

07/16/2010 | Download File 26.15 MB -right click to download

Education reform, the internet and 24 hour rolling news all draw fire this week. Are we going to have to send our children to school in converted chip shops? Plus 30 million of us have broadband access at home (or careless neighbours) and an ex-footballer, a can of larger, a chicken and a fishing ro

07/09/2010 | Download File 26.17 MB -right click to download

Paul the Psychic Octopus: Our animal-heavy silly season series continues with a football-result-predicting octopus finding international fame. Starring Steve Punt and John Finnemore, with Mitch Benn, Jon Holmes, Laura Shavin and Henning Wehn. Written by the cast, with additional material from James

07/23/2010 | Download File 26.03 MB -right click to download

Mr Cameron Goes to Washington. International diplomacy and domestic politicking test the ConDem coalition, while the debates on police funding and staffing levels gather momentum. Guest stand-up, Nathan Caton, considers the meaning of the latest crime statistics and volunteers for repatriation (back

07/30/2010 | Download File 26.01 MB -right click to download

UK government cutbacks continued this week, with the MOD being forced to make decisions on troop numbers and what kind of fighter jets they most want to keep. There’s the inevitable Wikileaks / BP joke, but we get it out of the way as early in the show as possible. Junior Now Show explains the iss

08/06/2010 | Download File 26.01 MB -right click to download

The series comes to an end with an episode seemingly themed around weird science and motor crime. Steve, Hugh, Laura and Jon explore a week of summer science stories, including cloned cattle sneaking their way into the UK meat and dairy supply chain. Mitch speeds his way over to Oxfordshire, where b

07/02/2010 | Download File 25.94 MB -right click to download

Yesterday’s News: It’s been a comfortably nostalgic week in some ways; the Tories cutting back benefits, America arresting Russian spies and England losing to Germany at football. Still, the Now Show team have written a fresh clutch of 2010 jokes, Susan Calman tackles the EU ruling that would ba

08/13/2010 | Download File 521.42 KB -right click to download

The Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy podcast is taking a short break. Back next week.

08/27/2010 | Download File 25.46 MB -right click to download

Arthur Smith adapts his successful Radio 4 series in which he invites an audience into his home in Balham to the Edinburgh Festival. In this special edition he takes his audience on a magical tour of top-flight music and comedy in the Pleasance Courtyard. He'll lead them to hear his guests at some o

06/18/2010 | Download File 25.87 MB -right click to download

We’re back! Anticipating next week’s emergency budget, cracking-out the Frank Spencer impressions for England goal-keeper, Robert Green and wondering who’s currently doing PR for the animal kingdom. John Finnemore, thinks BP may be in cahoots with James Cameron and Mitch teaches us how to tell


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