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Animeshon is an anime podcast that coves not only anime, ut manga as well.

Past Shows

04/22/2009 | Download File 45.89 MB -right click to download

In this episode I take a dump on Neon Genesis Evangelion and give a preview of Dragon Ball Kai. I also would like to extend a warm welcome to my new partners over at the SSAA podcast, thanks for the help guys. Songs in this podcast are as listed: Soul Eater opening Beautiful World - Utada Hikaru (al

04/29/2009 | Download File 69.30 MB -right click to download

In this special episode, I talk about Claymore and such, as well as mention my manga reads. i have to correct my mistake of calling xxxHolic triple ex holic, i guess the 'x' are silent or something. Anyway, enjoy the show. Songs in this Podcast are: Claymore Opening ON THE RUN - Homemade Kokuzu heav

05/13/2009 | Download File 67.09 MB -right click to download

Sorry for the late upload, so I've got two episodes for ya. It this late episode i review Munto TV, and the obsession with girls under the age of 14. Anyway, sorry for delay.

04/20/2009 | Download File 26.83 MB -right click to download

Dude to having upload problems i tried to release this episode early, you know, to kinda make up for the last one that was late. In this episode i talk about the bible length manga known as Inuyasha. I also give a preview of Basquash. Check out the new MUCC album, its really good. Songs are: Shangri

04/15/2009 | Download File 56.60 MB -right click to download

In this episode I review Gundam 00 season 1, and talk about Shangri - La mumbojumbo. Songs in this podcast are: Gundam 00 opening 1 Gundam 00 opening 2 Koi no Megalover - Maximum the Hormone Neotenii - Nightmare Is it ok just to get fired up? - Gurren Lagann Join the fun: http://animeshon.forumotion

04/04/2009 | Download File 36.92 MB -right click to download

In this episode i give my review of RideBack. I talk a bit about Gundam 00, Code Geass and give updates of Claymore, Bleach, and Naruto. Songs in this podcast are: RideBack Opening theme Aikotaba - Home Made Kazoku Rap is the Soul of a Man! - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Code Geass Opening Theme Join

05/27/2009 | Download File 67.19 MB -right click to download

Well, another week, another episode. This one is about something Black, its wet, and a cick uses both hands. No, it's not Bible Black, its Black Lagoon, baby! One of the best anime I've seen, and i've seen some good stuff. Songs in this podcast are as follows: Red Faction - MELL (Black Lagoon op the

05/27/2009 | Download File 62.00 MB -right click to download

Well, its a little late, but other things took up my time, so I tried to get it out ASAP. Thanks again Kaji Abyss, for the anime pick. And thanks to VizardAnshin for the cover of Battle Time, that was awesome. Songs on this Podcast are; Bakusou Yumeuta - Diggy Mo (3rd Soul Eater ending) Battle Time


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