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60 minutes with Psychic Medium Barbara Bandel
Our topics include: What happens when we die? Making contact with your own Guides. Are you high sensitive and how does this affect your life? What signs do dead people give us? We will deal with tough life lessons. I will help you to train your own paranormal abilities

Past Shows

01/13/2011 | Download File 4.51 MB -right click to download

60 min. from Thu Jan 13 00:00:00 CST 2011 Show - This show we will talk about how a medium connect with spirits and what kind of signs do they give us ? Anouk will be the guestspeaker. She is an intuitive spiritual coach. Barbara and Anouk will answer questions from listeners.

02/03/2011 | Download File 4.51 MB -right click to download

On this episode of '60 Psychic Minutes' Barbara and her guestspeaker Margreet will give personal readings. Margreet is a psychic medium and an expert in numerology. Do you want to know what your life purpose is ? Margreet will work with your date of birth to calculate a birth number to give you impo

01/27/2011 | Download File 4.51 MB -right click to download

60 min. from Thu Jan 27 00:00:00 CST 2011 Show - On this episode guestspeaker Nicky will explain about colours of the soul. Every person has an unique soul colour. Do you want to know your soul colours ? Call Nicky on the show and she will give you a soul-colour reading. Barbara will explain and giv


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