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Episodes of Joel Osteen Ministries Audio Podcast

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God's power is limited by only one thing: Your way of thinking. When we are worried, negative, or discouraged, it shows a lack of faith. The children of Israel were guilty of it. They saw first-hand his miracles but still questioned God when they were in the wilderness. Stir up your faith today and

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Your will is stronger than your emotions. Instead of living by how you feel, live by what you know. Let me remind you that God is in control, He has a great plan for your life, and His power is greater than any other power. When you begin to have negative or discouraging feelings, shake them off. Ev

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Your physical body is not only the house you live in; it's the house God lives in. When you treat your body--the one He made in His image--as valuable, you honor God. The scriptures talk about staying fit, sleeping well and even eating the right foods. How you take care of yourself physically has a

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Do you remember the old saying; "You are what you eat"? Well in many ways that is true in every area of our life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. You can make changes in your diet today that will help you live a stronger and healthier tomorrow. The reason you may lack energy or deal with ac

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