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Cosplay Burlesque
an episode from Cosplay Burlesque
07/30/2011 | Download File 18.86 MB

Hey guys - 

We're at Otakon, manning the booth and getting ready for the show Saturday night (11:30pm, Panel Room 3)!  It's sweltering outside and the Convention Center is packed to the gills - but lot of you awesome fans are coming by and showing us love!

We received a lot of positive feedback from AnimeNext, where we debuted our Scooby Doo and The Mysterious Pantie Pilferer show.  To follow up, we're doing Scott Pilgrim vs. The Burlesque Show at Otakon!  We're performing Saturday night at 11:30pm in Panel Room 3.  If it's anything like last year - get there early!  They turned away over 300 people at the door last year, and that was after squeezing a few extra hundred in as Standing Room Only!

We have some new official Cosplay Burlesque merchandise at the table - posters and photo packs!  The performers all have their own prints that they're selling, and the crafty - like our lovely Allen Ryde - just get craftier.  He's got these beautiful silk roses for sale, and Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont has her handicrafts out as well.

In this Very Special Episode, some of the girls and boys say "Hello!" to you wonderful people.  There's dancing, singing, and some bitches decide it's go time.  

Music:  "Scott%20Pilgrim%20Anthemimage%20" target="_blank">Scott Pilgrim Theme" by Anamanaguchi, from the soundtrack to Scott%20Pilgrim%20Vs.%20The%20World:%20The%20Game%20(Original%20Videogame%20Soundtrack)image%20" target="_blank">Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (Original Videogame Soundtrack).  

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