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07/30/2006 | Download File 4.74 MB

This audio guide to the Uffizi Gallery is divided up into numerous episodes, of which this is the first part.

The introduction teaches the young listener - and his or her parents - why renaissance art is interesting, and why they should follow us (parent and podcast) through the gallery. We define renaissance and talk about the major steps renaissance artists made in naturalistic art.

The sections to come (numbered in order) will discuss works of art in depth. Works are presented in chronological order and follow the order of the museum's rooms. Not all works or rooms are covered, because the parent and child would both be exhausted if this were the case.

The intended audience of these podcasts is children dragged into the museum by their parents. The age range is probably 8-13, though you might evaluate the possibility of using this for younger children. Parents might want to listen along or in advance in order to supplement the learning experience and discuss things mentioned in the podcast.

PS - parents - the bathroom is at the END of the gallery!! Arttrav really would appreciate feedback to help make these podcasts even more child-friendly.

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