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11/28/2009 | Download File 7.01 MB

If you have problems tuning in to this broadcast, please click here to listen. Sign Petition To FCC The American Music Awards was laced with profane language but the media buzz and public conversation has centered most on Lambert’s indecent performance. Youth tend to be more acceptable of most programming they see on television because they are for the most part, not mature enough to perceive the impact of certain kinds of media on their perceptions. But when you have 16-yr-olds commenting on the performance saying things like “"It was kind of really dirty and sexual, I would say," and "His fans are going to be like, 'What are you doing?' ", every responsible adult and parent in our society should take note and take action. Scotty Reid, Founder of the Black Talk Media Peoject chats with Mr. William Sermons of the National Alliance To End Homelessness, he is the Director of the Homelessness Research Institute and his areas of expertise include cross-disciplinary research, program evaluation and performance improvement. They discuss the plight of homeless veterans, families and other people and the need to provide them with services. We also discussed President Obama's goal to end homelessness for veterans and the 1.5 billion in stimulus money he earmarked for this effort.

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