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The Danger Hour Oddcast
an episode from The Danger Hour Oddcast
03/04/2015 | Download File 104.32 MB

GET YOUR TROUSER PLOW! Episode#163(Southern Phone Sex) is now infecting the interwebs! This is Part 2 of the trilogy. James Danger and Ivan “The Nature Boy” Barthel are once again joined by Doogie and Shmoopsy of The NED Files podcast. In this action packed Episode: They just don’t get me, Nature Boy is controlled chaos, Johnny Depp sucks, Willy Wonka, Rebel With A Cause, baby crazy, cussing at your mom, southern phone sex, wasted life, evil grandma, Barbies in the closet, Actor, Adam West, inconsiderate, Hooker?, clumsy, dusty pee pants, the curve, junk talk, marriage deal breakers, Stephen Hawking, Birdman, Boyhood, screeners, SAG, The Danger Hour plans an Independent movie, Threesome details, intersections of life, and so much more!  So grab some moonshine, some chew, a phone, then press play and waste some time in style.

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