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Brother Polite visits The Context of White Supremacy. Brother Polite is an accomplished lecturer and has published more then 30 books. We'll be focused on three specific texts during this broadcast: Supreme Mathematics Inception Of The Vessica Pisces, Misogyny Desecration of the Womb Revised, & Conflicting Genes Neutranoids And Gen-O-Cide. Brother Polite asserts that one of the primary - and most devastating - acts of White Aggression involved forcing non-white people to relinquish their native language and conform to a White dialect. Brother Polite asserts that the languages of our White opponents is infected with and transports a White Supremacist way of thinking, that contaminates all of its non-white speakers consciously and unconsciously. This is one of primary ways that black people remain White Identified (And why Gus insists that we discontinue the use of the term fair). Brother Polite will offer suggestions on how to counter the White Supremacist Communication Offensive. Will learning "African' languages help - and if so, how? We'll also make time to ask Brother Polite to offer his view on polygamy.INVEST IN The COWSSubscribe to The COWS

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