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Sex Changes and Track Lighting

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3/30/2011 | Download File (52.78 MB)

Andy Dick, star of TV, movies and mug shots joins us to talk shop this week. He says he's cleaning up his act, and after hearing about his new habit, we kinda believe him. Hint: It involves lots of cayenne pepper. In the headlines we'll tell you about a sex change operation that became a criminal offense, and we'll also introduce you to Fred Karger, the first openly gay candidate for a major party to run for President. And then there's the juicy story about a former porn star turned MTV Real World cast-member. MTV might be trying to whitewash his porn past, but nothing gets by us. Also this episode we discuss our "favorite things" (Oprah style) and introduce you to musical wunderkind Sky Ferreira, who is playing SUPERFRAICHE, presented by Ben's GUMBO party and Only 5 weeks until we're off to Turks and Caicos. Get 10% of your vacation if you book now. Just don't forget to tell them Ben and Dave sent ya!

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Back Sweat Index  play >

Back Sweat Index

7/27/2011 | Download File (55.89 MB) - right click to download

Mo Rocca joined us in studio this week to talk television, relationships, and the process of coming into yourself. Why is he still single? Will he be part of the rumored Daily Show reunion? And does he know exactly how many Twitter followers he has? Six Pack news brings you a story about penis size, a story about binge drinking, and a story about a priest's anus.  Need we say more? We also check in with our main man on the west coast, Raul Rojas, who was in San Diego for for Comic Con. As a self-proclaimed geek himself, Raul gives us the lowdown on the hottest superheroes, the latest gaymer news, and the homotastic comic book scene. All that, a new tune by former guest Ivri Lider, and more. As the famous Spider-man line goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." Download responsibly now.

Short: Details Yes List  play >

Short: Details Yes List

7/20/2011 | Download File (15.96 MB) - right click to download

David Walters, the Senior Entertainment editor from Details magazine, joins us for our second go round with the magazine's 'Yes List.' These are the six things that they "emphatically endorse," and if they're good enough for Details, they're good enough for us. As always it's an eclectic mix of TV, art, books and more. Get cultured now!

LesbiGod  play >


7/13/2011 | Download File (55.32 MB) - right click to download

The Real L Word's Whitney Mixter, the lesbian-of-all-lesbians, is back for round 2 with The Six Pack. She is the breakout star from the series and one of our fave guests, so we thought it was time to find out what's new with this chick. From her celesbian exploits to Brooklyn BBQs to "Lesbian Attack" parties, she spreads around lots girly-goodness. Six Pack News casts a wide net of wedded bliss this week. Mayor Mike Bloomberg will officiate a gay wedding on the first day they are legal in NY; lesbians are getting married at higher rates than gay men; and straights are getting divorces at higher rates in states that have gay marriage. Gays, lesbians, straights…oh my! Crime Time is back, and we've got bat-wielding lesbians, a missing cat, and a missing penis. (You can guess which one we found the most disturbing.) It's the dog days of summer, the perfect time for a walk and The Six Pack. Download now!

Short: Want This!  play >

Short: Want This!

7/6/2011 | Download File (9.58 MB) - right click to download

It's our first-ever edition of 'Want This' with Raul Rojas.  Need to know what to want and where to get it?  Well, you're in the right place. In this segment we go all goo goo over the Uncommon iPhone case, Under Armour cargo shorts, Himilayan salt bricks, and the Keurig brewing machine (duh!). Want more info on all of these products?  Go to

Til Death Do Us Part  play >

Til Death Do Us Part

6/29/2011 | Download File (47.91 MB) - right click to download

NYC's own Joy Behar and former Mayor Ed Koch join us on this very proud episode of The Six Pack. We talked to Joy live in the flesh (calm down) right before we hopped on board a fundraiser for Friends of Animal Rescue. She loves animals and she loves gays, but is there room for straight marriage in her life? Mayor Ed Koch also called in to the show, offering his opinions on the gay marriage bill and revealing his latest gig - as a movie reviewer. Six Pack News takes us from popcorn brain to pride doodles to Chris Crocker porn. You'll have to tune in to find out. For NYC Gay Pride, we headed out to the streets for a live Group Action and talked to the L's, the B's, the G's, the T's and whoever else was out there. It was truly a magical day and we left with enough glitter on our faces to prove it. Download now and share in the good vibes!

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