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Rowan and Martin’s

Movies for Grownups

An episode from Movies for Grownups

3/1/2011 | Download File (1.84 MB)

Forty years later, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In finds respectability as a PBS special. The show’s creator, George Schlatter, tells Bill Newcott how NBC aired the series almost as an afterthought—and how the blackout comedy show ended up helping elect a president.

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Help! The Beatles in Glorious Mono  play >

Help! The Beatles in Glorious Mono

10/21/2014 | Download File (1.84 MB) - right click to download

When we first heard the classic soundtracks of the Beatles’ Help and A Hard Day’s Night, they were in pulsing, pounding mono from a movie theater speaker. Retrieving the original tapes, experts have re-produced that seminal sound on vinyl for the first time. Steve Berkowitz, co-producer of the Beatles in mono project, tells Bill Newcott what it was like to thread those historic tapes into a reel-to-reel tape deck after all these years. 

Into the Deep Freeze With Fargo  play >

Into the Deep Freeze With Fargo

10/14/2014 | Download File (1.84 MB) - right click to download

As the female police deputy at the center of the TV series Fargo, Emmy-nominated Allison Tolman had big boots to fill: Frances McDormand won an Oscar playing a woman cop in the Cohen Brothers movie on which the series is based. As the show comes to DVD and Blu-ray, Tolman tells Bill Newcott she got lots of help on the set from the veteran cast, including Keith Carradine, who plays her dad. 

The Best of Hitchcock  play >

The Best of Hitchcock

10/7/2014 | Download File (1.84 MB) - right click to download

Fifteen of Alfred Hitchcock’s best movies are included in the mammoth new Blu-ray set, The Masterpiece Collection.

Glass Slippers and Golden Memories: Cinderella at 50  play >

Glass Slippers and Golden Memories: Cinderella at 50

9/30/2014 | Download File (1.84 MB) - right click to download

For 10 years, a generation of families gathered around the television to watch Lesley Ann Warren star in the 1965 production of Cinderella. A half century later, Warren tells Bill Newcott she still hears from fans whose lives were changed by that one show. 

Mel Brooks Returns!  play >

Mel Brooks Returns!

9/23/2014 | Download File (1.84 MB) - right click to download

The day Mel Brooks knew Young Frankenstein would be a hit. Young Frankenstein, now celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new Blu-ray disc, is hailed as a classic now, but Mel Brooks told Bill Newcott his idea of making a black-and-white horror satire was not seen as a sure-fire success. 

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