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Profile of a Prophet

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10/17/2009 | Download File (6.99 MB)

Wow, cool!  The talk Profile of a Prophet by Hugh B. Brown is available online.  Here’s a link to listen to the MP3.  I love this talk. Joseph Smith really is a prophet of God.  I know it to be true.  I just wish I could articulate that knowledge as well as Hugh B. Brown does! Here’s [...]

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Jeanette Isabella’s Torch  play >

Jeanette Isabella’s Torch

12/25/2011 | Download File (2.95 MB) - right click to download

Jeanette Isabella’s Torch My family has an annual Christmas Eve party that includes an opportunity to share a story, talent, song, thought, etc. This year, as part of it, we decided to do a “carol-off.” We choose a carol, and everyone do something based around the theme of that song. We chose Bring a Torch, [...]

Interview with Author Misty Moncur  play >

Interview with Author Misty Moncur

12/9/2011 | Download File (30.96 MB) - right click to download

Interview with Misty Moncur Show Notes: Misty Moncur is the author of the LDS novel, Daughter of Helaman. As her bio on her website, http://mistymoncur.blogspot.com/ states, Misty fits in writing like other people fit in breathing. She writes in the Romance, Young Adult, and Religious genres. Misty lives in Utah with her husband, her Wii-addicted son, and [...]

Eighth Year Newlywed  play >

Eighth Year Newlywed

11/11/2011 | Download File (13.43 MB) - right click to download

Eighth Year Newlywed Tweet

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