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Olympic Crotch Shots


An episode from burghseyeview

3/1/2010 | Download File (69.61 MB)

Politics Ratings and the Folks Miller rules Curling rocks City Steps lesson You can get jacked up Welcome to Hutchywood Send me some monetary love It’s POP! Yinzer driving, Calcutta style Pixburgh Fish Sammich Did you guys slowdance ? The barefoot burglar Becher’s got 2 planes in the driveway Online dating Greentree Thom wraps up the show

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#168 Adventures at the VA  play >

#168 Adventures at the VA

2/7/2014 | Download File (58.78 MB) - right click to download

Hutch goes solo baby, Shout out to The Wrestling Mayhem Show, You have a block of urinals and there are rules, The Ladies room doesn’t have the urinals…….yet, Joe from Florida calls the show, Fully aware of the urinal rules, The Urinal Rule Federation…URF, Urinalysis crew wears gloves as they eat pizza, WPGB won’t hire on air locals apparently, Franktuary has good hotdogs for some big bucks, High tech robbery in Brookline, Smoke your own bacon folks, Washing your car at 0600 and 6 degrees?, Let’s go shopping, Invariably she has the wrong smokes, Bill Peduto takes charge, Lone Survivor, Fottball roundup, RIP Rocco

#167 Chinese Pizza Shop with Excessive fries  play >

#167 Chinese Pizza Shop with Excessive fries

2/1/2014 | Download File (59.53 MB) - right click to download

Admin malfunctions at the beginning, Old podcasters and bloggers defunct, The Wayne Dupree Show, Rate us on itunes, Tomato Aspic,          Chili for Thanksgiving at Shell’s, Is she a Clampett ?, Welcome Dino Croscetti to the show again this year, Pizza Shop Pizza Shop, Calling out the City Paper, Did you ever wake up to a SWAT team ?, Hanks Hot Dogs service fail, Shootout in Beltzhoover causes power outage, White Supremacist is black, Crazy newz, Pittsburgh Sanitation workers are the damn best!, Shell hits a moral crossroad and  takes the high road, New hope for breasts, Steelers suck and PGH well represented at PIAA

#166 Hit It Like A Champ  play >

#166 Hit It Like A Champ

10/27/2013 | Download File (61.04 MB) - right click to download

Seventh Season kicks off!, Mute that shit, BEV#1, Shell needs a man, Germany loves the show, Allan and Holly, Want a BEV Thong ?, Steeler Nation, No politics on the show, Big Duck, The tip of the head, Jen hides Shell’s keys, Crazy Tatts, The Ball Players girlfriend, Groceria Italiana, Ravs, It’s a Guido thing, Thanksgiving at home this year, Pittsburgh City Paper is so Gay, My school was boring, Shell and I have different perspectives

#165 Gotta Run Around in the Balls  play >

#165 Gotta Run Around in the Balls

8/10/2013 | Download File (59.82 MB) - right click to download

Technical Hell up in here, Ustream issues, Did you introduce me properly ?, Failed call in episode, Thanks Mellissa!, Yinzers trash the joint at Kenny Chesney, I got the fish, The tartar sauce was yellow, Blue Screen of Death and the Show must go on, Son of Baconater, Kind of like when you eat chitterlings, He’s a seargent so he’s got many donuts, Pirates taking off, Paula Deen followers go off, Profesional talk show host diverts racism topic, Ball Pits, The dog teeth brushing incident, Death from the vent, Hutch III killed the trampoline, We almost got through the show without a penis mention, Grab it like you mean it, Allegheny County residents that own firearms 23% Really?

#164 Massive Bleeding  play >

#164 Massive Bleeding

6/26/2013 | Download File (62.34 MB) - right click to download

Struggling with the Ustream reshoot..uh, Let’s get it started, Hutch jr. is diversifying, It’s more touchy feely, Talk about the trampoline, Tramp eating deer, Like us Friend us Rate us Follow us Write to us, BEV Gold gets paid, Down the gun club, Making my bones, I got a muslim shotgun, We should start a hunting show, Should we have the Olympics in Pixburgh, Pens go down quickly, The Gunner and Nellie King, The Shellbonics show, Bell vows to protect Big Ben, Double barrelled girl, That’s a nice uterous, Senior Bangin, Stay away from the big ones, Goodbye to a Pittsburgh legend, Strip District BBQ binness

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