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A Maine Ghost Hunters training session at a client location with a thickly documented history, in small-town rural Maine. The owner of this home has been interviewed countless times, both locally and nationally, for the paranormal phenomena that takes place here. His residence is home to many spirits, some of which are children, some of which are adults - and it is visited yearly by interested persons from all over the world. Maine Ghost Hunters feels fortunate to have a personal relationship with the owner of the home, and is very grateful for the opportunities we have been afforded by his generosity. We thank him for opening his door to us, and allowing us to further our knowledge, and hone our skills in the field of paranormal research, while investigating his property and hanging out with the spirits he shares his living space with. Thank you so much RB, you're a class act. There are some minor moments when evidence presents itself, so be on the look out for it. Maine Ghost Hunters

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