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MPAD#143 "PlayRadioPlay...Bell Hollow"

Most People Are DJs

An episode from Most People Are DJs

5/11/2008 | Download File

This episode features two interviews from a couple of bands I've played recently and I think really deserve your attention. First up, from Brooklyn, NY, Bell Hollow, 4 guys and a girl that combine to make some beautifully textured rock music that calls back on some of the great 80's bands like the Chameleons and the Sound. Second, I interview PlayRadioPlay, from Texas, who is really just one guy that makes awesome synth-pop with an "emo-like" edge to it. I start things off with a new track by NIN that is available for free and is an awesome listen.   music: Bell Hollow Copper Crayon PlayRadioPlay Madi Don't Leave NIN Echoplex   sponsors: GoDaddy - Get a webdomain for only $6.95 a year when you use code DJ3 eMusic - Get 35 free tracks when you try their music subscription service Click here to the Bell Hollow Live Video  Click here to Download the Show!   

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Get Your Halloween Costume Now at

10/8/2014 | Download File - right click to download

You can save 20% at with my coupon code AfcDJ October goes by too fast and before you know it you are left scrambling for a costume for Halloween. Sure, there’s the alternative you’ve done in the past of cutting holes in a white sheet but you are not going to get any props for that again. The best and easiest way to get a costume for Halloween is to check out and the thousands of costumes they have in stock. While they have great prices on their costumes already, you can save an extra 20% at by using the coupon code AfcDJ. There is no minimum on your discount so whether you are spending $20 or $200 you are still saving 20%. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year for Most People Are DJs, I get to watch scary movies and tell you about them and play music with spooky themes. The other activity I do at Halloween is take photos of people in their Halloween costumes you can see several of them at my MPAD Media Facebook page. I’m proud to have as a new paid affiliate to help my listeners and blog readers save money on costumes. Be sure to use the discount code AfcDJ and share it with your friends and family so they can save too. has been around since 1999 and has grown to be the #1 Halloween costume and accessory retailer in the country. They have over 15,000 costumes to choose from and have always been committed to having the widest selection of costumes and Halloween products that you will come across. isn’t just for Halloween either, they are have costumes all year-round. Watch my video for more info on how to save:

Most People Are DJs Episode 10 2014 "The Sacramental Tusk"  play >

Most People Are DJs Episode 10 2014 "The Sacramental Tusk"

10/5/2014 | Download File (35.65 MB) - right click to download

For this episode of Most People Are DJs I am reviewing 2 recent movies, Kevin Smith's Tusk and Ti West's The Sacrament. These thrillers would make a great double feature as they are both first person accounts of terror and use new media to drive part of the storyline. Looking up both movies up on IMDB, Tusk actually has a higher score than The Sacrament, but as i state in the reviews, The Sacrament is the better movie. The music I play this episode is by female fronted bands, Electric Youth and Ashrae Fax. You can find both songs on the latest sampler from Under the Radar, a great new music magazine.  Upcoming Cons I will be taking pics at: Great Lakes Comic Con Oct 17 & 18Flint Horror Con Oct 25Youmacon Oct 30 - Nov 2Fantasticon Nov 8   My podcast affiliates for this episode are 4inkjets and At 4inkjets you can get printer ink and other printer accessories at great prices. You can save 10% and get free shipping for orders over $50 when you use my coupon code MUSIC14. You can get 2 free audiobooks and 1 free month at when you use my coupon code TECH2. has a huge selection of audiobooks to choose from and you can quit at any time. The easiest way to keep up with all my MPAD activities is to like my MPAD Media facebook page. You can find more of my coupon offers at my Most People Are DJs offers page.

Most People Are DJs Ep#9 2014 "GroupLove for Superhumanoids"  play >

Most People Are DJs Ep#9 2014 "GroupLove for Superhumanoids"

9/24/2014 | Download File (18.91 MB) - right click to download

On this episode I mention that the TV show Gotham is starting this week. I was able to watch the pilot last night and found it both entertaining and engaging. There’s even more Batman characters and references than I expected. From the pilot it looks compelling enough to keep me watching week to week, rather than marathoning it every few weeks. The features on this episode are 2 bands I’ve been enjoying lately, The Superhumanoids and GroupLove. The bands go well together because there are many similarities they share. They are both from LA, have male and female singers and have a bit of hip hop seeping in their sound. I blogged about the Superhumanoids last week. The track I play from the Superhumanoids is “Feel Good Hit of Summer” which is a Queens of the Stone Age cover. I saw GroupLove earlier this summer at 89X’s Chill on the Hill, I was blown away with the energy and charisma of GroupLove. I expected them to be good as I like most of their songs, but they were really spectacular. They have a great presence, mostly due to the female singer, Hannah Hooper, who dances around the stage while whipping her hair. Their latest album is “Spreading Rumors” and shows a good progression, further defining their sound. Their Captain Cutz remix to “Colours” is the featured track. You can download the 2 tracks from this episode on Soundcloud and both artists have their music available on Spotify. My podcast affiliates for this episode are: where you can save 10% when you use my coupon code MUSIC14. GoDaddy where you can save 30% off any hosting package by using my coupon code DJOFF30. Visit my GoDaddy webpage for more savings.  

MPAD Ep#8 2014 "Ready for Amazon Prime Time"  play >

MPAD Ep#8 2014 "Ready for Amazon Prime Time"

9/10/2014 | Download File (23.39 MB) - right click to download

Some people spent their labor day with family, others spent it doing yardwork. I spent a lot of mine watching the new Amazon Prime Pilots. On this episode I review all 5 of the new pilots. I'll let you know which ones I liked best and which ones I liked least. I do think you should give them a shot for yourself, as each one has good production and compelling elements. Overall, this is a much better attempt by Amazon compared to last year's pilots. I referred to two posts for info on the shows that you should check out as well, one from IGN and the other from Entertainment Weekly.  The track featured on this episode is "Colours" from the band Wild Cub. Wild Cub is from Nashville and are one of the best new indie pop bands I have come accross. I saw them play recently at a festival and even with an early timeslot they attracted quite a lote of enthusiasm from the crowd. The photo for the episode is a pic I took of the lead singer, Keegan Dewitt. You can download this track from the latest CMJ compilation. My podcast affiliate for this episode is, where you can get 2 free audiobooks when you sign up for a membership and use my special promo code Tech2. With limited time to actually read a book, I've been getting back into audiobooks and really enjoying them. Using the app on my cellphone to listen to the audiobooks in my car and on walks has made keeping my place in the audiobook hasslefree. 

Most People Are DJs Episode 8, 2014  play >

Most People Are DJs Episode 8, 2014

8/23/2014 | Download File (33.22 MB) - right click to download

Is it me, or, do we seem to have fewer hours in a day these last few months? I could swear that’s the case because I seem to get less and less accomplished as time progresses. However, I was able to squeeze in this podcast episode just to let you know that I still speak into a mic and record it to share with the world. On this episode I play a couple of synthy tracks, a danceable one from Teeel, “Disk Go” from his recently released album “Hydrostatic”. The other song is by Kwamie Liv on a free ep she released a couple weeks ago. Her track “5am” is less dance and more moody as her voice recalls a cabaret singer from the 50’s. On another part of the show is a conversation I had with Nik Havert talking about his time at Flashback Weekend. Nik Havert is a comic writer, scary movie host, music critic and a whole lot more, you can check all of his ongoing activities at Pickle Press. Nik had a booth at Flashback Weekend for his just released Candi 2089 comic featuring Samantha the Muscle Goddess. We talk about the festival and his Victor Von Psychotron alias that he uses in YouTube clips and Cable TV hosting classic sci-fi and horror movies. This is just a small part of a conversation that we’ll be hearing more from in future episodes. As far as things that I am working on you can see my set of photos from the Mad Decent Block Party Detroit show on the MetroTimes slideshows page and more of my pics are featured at my MPAD Media facebook page. My podcast affiliate for this epsiode is GoDaddy. Here are some coupon codes you can use to save money at their site: 199DJ - new .com for $1.99  DJ295 - $ for one URL, $9.99 each additional DJ749 - $7.49 .com for one .com URL, $9.99 each additional DJ50 -50% off one year, any plan, new only DJOFF20 -20% off total order DJOFF30 -30% off New Product orders HOSTDJ -$1.99 a month hosting 12m free domain DJWSB -50% off first 12 months of Business Website Builder DJ32OFF -32% off New Product orders DJ12 -$1.00 per month for economy hosting over 12 months NEW! WORD6 - $1.00 per month for +12 month starter Managed Word Press hosting

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