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Lux Radio Theater -- It's a Wonderful Life

The word 'classic' never fit a story quite so well as it does "It's a Wonderful Life." This 1947 production for Lux Radio Theater is true to the film version with many of the stars reprising their famous roles for radio. Back are James Stewart as George Bailey, Donna Reed as Mary Hatch but without the unforgettable Lionel Barrymore as Potter. Nevertheless, you'll love the full hour broadcast.

Aired in March, not December as one would suppose, this story (as if you need a preview) is about George Bailey who is in trouble... so much trouble he can't see his way back to happiness and wants to rid the world of himself and his mistakes. God sends Clarence to demonstrate just how blessed a life he has and how he has graced those around him.

Cast include Victor Moore as Clarence, Bill Johnstone as Mr. Bailey, John McIntire as Joseph, Leo Cleary as Uncle Billy, Edwin Maxwell at Potter and Janet Scott as Mother.

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