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How Do Astronauts Pee In Space?


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The task s of daily living that most of us take for granted are much more challenging to accomplish in outer space, especially those personal things involving an astronaut's privates. This question, how to capture human waste at zero Gs, is so important in fact, that in 2007 NASA spent 19 million to address it, purchasing a state-of-the-art toilet system for the international space station; quite a bit more cash than even the most extravagant powder room on earth would cost. {advcenter} Why Do Astronauts Need Special Toilets? With zero-gravity conditions in space, the toilet water, waste and user could not stay in place, but instead would float around weightless (Ewwwww!) When astronauts use the toilet, they must first strap in, just to remain sitting while doing their business. How Are Space Toilets Different from Earth Toilets? Without gravity, space toilets need to rely on suction (movement of air instead of water) to draw the waste into a holding container. The toilet bowl is for poop, and there must be a compete seal in order for the waste to move into the receptacle (Astronauts must get some serious toilet-seat rings on their fannies!) There is also cup with a seal and hose attached that both male and female astronauts can use as a urinal. What if Astronauts Need to Go During a Spacewalk?!? During the most recent mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis, Hubble Service Mission 4, astronauts had to complete five spacewalks in order to make the needed repairs and upgrades to Hubble. Most of those specewalks were seven hours or more, so you may wonder, "What if an astronaut has to poop or pee while on the job? The answer to this one is pretty low-tech. They wear diapers. NASA, of course, doesn't call them diapers. That wouldn't be technical enough. Instead, an astronaut's nappy is called a MAG (maximum absorption garment). Want to learn more about the special challenges to living in space? The following links prove more detail: NASA, Living in Space Washington Post, "Ever Wonder How Astronauts Pee in Space?" {advbottom}Click here to play

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We all have our own excuses for skipping exercise, however, there are solutions. Below are some common roadblocks followed by strategies to help you become more active. "I don't have time": remember - we make time for things that are important to us.  Start slowly by planning one session a week and slowly build up.  Try rewarding yourself for goals met with a new workout ouftit or shoes. set priorities and put exercise at the top of your list.  If you analyze your day, chances are you'll probably find a chunk of time. break it up! It is okay to break activity into 10-15 minute segments multi-task by climbing on the treadmill while watching your favorite show use your lunch hour to walk or hit the gym walk or bike to work "I don't want to exercise alone": recruit and exercise buddy such as a co-worker, friend, spouse or dog join a gym and try group exercise classes use a video at home walk or jog on a popular trail join a walking or hiking club or start your own! "I'm too tired at the end of the day": get up earlier in the morning or squeeze in activity during lunch. The bonus - you don't have to worry about it later on! if you're truly tired, try an easier activity such as walking, chances are you will feel refreshed afterwards plan an energizing late afternoon snack coupled with a glass of water.  Dehydration and hunger can leave feeling tired, try an apple with almond butter or greek yogurt with berries and a drizzle of honey. "I don't have access to a gym": invest a small amount of money in an exercise mat, light weights and a video so you can workout at home walking, biking and hiking require only a good pair of shoes! work in the garden or yard head to the soccer field with the kids or friends check you cable company's fitness shows - for example, Comcast On Demand offers fitness shows you can use anytime. head out for a night of dancing Get motivated by visiting the following: Please note: The information in this article is not to be followed asmedical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your physicianor primary health practitioner for information regarding your own personalhealth and necessary treatments. {advbottom}Click here to play

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The weight loss industry promises diets and plans to reduce weight, most of them quite unbelievably. Some of them do have the potential to deliver what they promise. It is always desirable to do your homework before going on an extensive weight loss diet. It is always necessary to consult your doctor before going on a diet. Certain individuals are not recommended to go on a diet. [url=]Weight loss pill [/url] [url=]Lovegra online[/url] Views:  28,    Replies:  0,    Last posted by :  galloc12    Date :  September 30, 2010 08:35:32 AM Click here to play

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Nicotine is an ingredient that is mainly used in making tobacco products. It is highly addictive in nature. It occurs naturally in tobacco. Nicotine is a poisonous, yellow and oily substance which on exposure turns brown. As per a research it is said that approximately 3mg of nicotine is inhaled per cigarette. One can only imagine the bad it can do to our health, but instead, cigarette smoking has been attaining popularity since years now. A number of people indulging in smoking have successively increased from many years. Now not only men but even women and teenagers are addicted to cigarettes and cigars. Cigarette smoking has become the ‘in thing’ and a matter of pride. It’s a new fashion statement and trend that represents smoking to be the cool thing. Nicotine creates pleasant feeling in the smoker. It addicts a smoker physiologically. A smoker seeks for cigarette when in stress, happy or tensed moments. Smoking changes the world of individuals. To cut down on one’s loneliness or tensions related to office/ work, cigarettes seem to the smokers as the best option to reduce problems. While some carry on smoking as it has become a part of their lives, some wish to quit smoking but are unable to do so. These sects of people in fact do try their own ways of giving up smoking. The only solution they find is sudden quitting of smoking. Some may succeed though thanks to their strong will power, but majority of the times individuals find it very difficult to survive, as their body tremors and they feel weak from within and their capacity to think too diminishes. This drastic change makes it difficult for the people to survive, thus drawing them back to smoking. Views:  27,    Replies:  0,    Last posted by :  pollard07    Date :  September 29, 2010 07:03:55 AM Click here to play

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