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Episode 20: Shaun Huls joins us to discus the modern SEAL and their training


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10/3/2010 | Download File (20.67 MB)

On this podcast we talk with Shaun Huls from the Advanced Expeditionary Force SOCOMM at Camp Little Creek in Norfolk VA.  A strength and conditioning specialist, Shaun has worked with elite and pro athletes in football, baseball, track and field, MMA and endurance sports.  Shaun and I discuss the modern SEAL and the differences between training for military special op's training and sports.  If military training or fitness is your interest, this is a talk you won't want to miss!

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ESP Tipcast 49: Lactate and lactate testing  play >

ESP Tipcast 49: Lactate and lactate testing

11/24/2014 | Download File (21.17 MB) - right click to download

On Tipcast 49 I review my recent blog post on blood lactate testing and why you should reconsider why to test and how to do it to meet your needs!

ESP Tipcast 48: Off-season musings  play >

ESP Tipcast 48: Off-season musings

11/4/2014 | Download File (14.94 MB) - right click to download

On Tipcast 48 I discuss how taking a relaxed, fun approach to the off-season can still yield dividends on performance. The off-season should be about recharging without casting away your base fitness or burying yourself before the hard work is needed.

ESP Tipcast 47: What VO2 Max is and is not  play >

ESP Tipcast 47: What VO2 Max is and is not

10/29/2014 | Download File (18.62 MB) - right click to download

On the latest Tipcast I review my two part article on VO2 max. Whether you have been tested or are considering getting tested, you will want to listen in and learn why VO2 max is and is not particularly important to performance, and why you cannot do much about it anyway. For more information or to donate, head to www.espanswers.com and search VO2 max   Special thanks to our great sponsor Honey Stinger for their long time support of myself and the podcast!   SPECIAL NOTE: Apple has, with zero wisdom, removed many of the enhanced features in GarageBand 10. While not essential, they add depth to the podcast. I am working on securing funds to update my software in 2015.

ESP Tipcast 46: It's time to end our addiction to artificial sweeteners  play >

ESP Tipcast 46: It's time to end our addiction to artificial sweeteners

9/29/2014 | Download File (10.32 MB) - right click to download

On this extended ESP Tipcast, I discuss a recent paper out of Nature describing a series of studies demonstrating the negative impact that artificial sweeteners have on gut bacteria and ultimately our metabolic health. Many of you will recall my interview last October (2013) with Dr. Susan Swithers discussing similar concerns about the metabolic derangements caused by artificial sweeteners.  Forget the artificial and choose the best! Honey Stinger offers a full range of awesome sports nutrtion products to meet your athletic needs. CHECKOUT THIS @ DAY ONLY RUDY SPECIAL!

ESP Tipcast 45: Racing at Altitude  play >

ESP Tipcast 45: Racing at Altitude

9/8/2014 | Download File (7.51 MB) - right click to download

Long-time followers may recall an article I wrote way back in 2004 titled, the Altitude Applecart. No article before or since has seemed to garnered as much impact as that one did for no particular reason, I suppose. However, like so many things, altitude performance was and still is an area of great interest to me because it represents an extreme environment where hours, days and years of preparation can dissipate into an oxygen-deprived hallucination. More recently, extended training camps at altitude have renewed discussion on if and how extended periods of time living at altitude can improve performance. Interestingly, altitude training could be potentially used to mask EPO use, but that's another topic I won't cover. The purpose of this Tipcast is to explain some options you can take to perform your best at altitude. If you want to learn more about the physiological impacts of altitude, checkout the blog. If you're interested in learning about how to utilize altitude training to your benefit, I recommend listening to the Semi-Pro Cycling Podcast, which did an excellent job reviewing that topic. Also a reminder that this is the final Tipcast reminder for my XX2i Giveaway. Get those comments, emails and reviews in today!

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