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09/21/2010 | Download File 28.30 MB

Make sure to visit World Cafe Live on Thursday for "Attack of the Giant Leeches!" with a live score by Mooseagent. Starts at 7:30PM. More info at www.worldcafelive.com.

Today we talk about...

- Sarah Silverman Gets Naked

- Warner Brothers doing live action Pinocchio

- The Dilemma - Vince Vaughn and Winona Ryder 

- New Due Date Trailer

- Sasha Baren Cohen is Freddy Mercury


Last Weeks Releases

- Easy A

- The Town

- A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodleshop

- Devil

- Alpha and Omega


Next Weeks Releases

- Enter the Void

- Legend of the Guardians

- Wall Street 2

- You Again

- Howl

- Waiting for Superman

- Never Let Me Go - Best movie of the week!


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