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12/14/2009 | Download File 32.79 MB

Dentist, researcher, author and highly respected American campaigner Dr Hal Huggins joins Patrick Timpone Saturday 12 December 6-8pm central. Dr Huggins is the foremost authority on the hazards of mercury, root canals and Metals in the mouth and joins Patrick live to talk about his latest research. If you have any metal in your mouth don’t miss this one folks. THIS IS CRITICAL INFORMATION FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES HEALTH - PASS ON THIS LINK TO EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT Dr Hal Huggins: http://www.drhuggins.com/ TOXIC ELEMENTS RESEARCH FOUNDATION - http://www.terftalks.com/ Please go to One Radio Network website and sign up for our free newsletter and 100s of free podcasts - 7 new shows added each week - so for full access go to http://www.oneradionetwork.com/ now -

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