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Divided By Bickford
an episode from Divided By Bickford
08/30/2012 | Download File 58.77 MB

Peter Duesberg was once considered one of the most brilliant minds in science. A Nobel Prize was once in sight and he was friends and a colleague with Dr. Robert Gallo, who is credited with discovering the HIV virus. But Duesberg insisted that the discovery of the HIV virus as a cause of AIDS was false. As a result, he lost his colleagues, his grants and the bulk of his work. Thirty years have passed and he continues to be employed at the University of California-Berkeley, working in relative obscurity, and is approaching 80. In 2008, Discover Magazine featured an interview with a well-known HIV/AIDS expert Max Essex.  Essex said that, "...history will judge (Peter) Duesberg as either "a nut who is just a tease to the scientific community" or an "enabler to mass murder" for the deaths of many AIDS patients in Africa..." Professor Duesberg joins us in a fascinating, controversial discussion about the course of his career, the strength of his convictions and the cost of sticking to one's own vision of truth.

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