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"Breaking the Mirror of Heaven" with Robert Bauval

Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation

An episode from Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation

6/27/2012 | Download File (4.51 MB)

Well-known prolific author, Robert Bauval, who wrote the alternative history ground breaking book, "The Orion Mystery" discusses his next book to be released later this year with co-author Ahmed Osman. It exposes the many cycles of monument destruction and cultural suppression in Egypt from antiquity to the present day. He details the vandalism of Egyptian antiquities and suppression of ancient knowledge under foreign rulers who sought to cleanse Egypt of its "pagan" past. He reveals the real reason behind Napoleon's invasion of Egypt; to revive ancient Egyptian wisdom connected to Freemasonry. Called the "Mirror of Heaven" by Hermes-Thoth and regarded as the birthplace of civilization, science, religion, and magic, Egypt has ignited the imagination of all who come in contact with it since ancient times. The authors call for the return of Egypt to its rightful place as "the Mother of Nations" and "the Mirror of Heaven."

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Energetic Awareness and Activations Through Cups of Consciousness  play >

Energetic Awareness and Activations Through Cups of Consciousness

4/16/2014 | Download File (4.51 MB) - right click to download

Aleya Dao makes a welcome return to the show. In 2001 Aleya had an enlightenment experience that awoke her ability to perceive other realms, hear the angelic beings, and increase her empathic and clairvoyant abilities. With these powers, Aleya has mastered the ability to help people release the root causes of their suffering. Her music, energy balancing sessions, and on line meditations and classes help people discover how to move forward with greater peace, empowerment, and freedom. Aleya will discuss the current energies that we find ourselves in and how to navigate our way through them. It is important to bring our energy into alignment with the powerful energies that are building this month and to realize that we are setting ourselves up for the next three years. It is like a launching pad and we are in the sling shot being fired! We need to be ready and Aleya will help us prepare. For a week of free “Cups” go to

The Hummingbird that Answered My Heart's Calling  play >

The Hummingbird that Answered My Heart's Calling

4/9/2014 | Download File (4.51 MB) - right click to download

Noelle Meade-Izzi is "The Pollinator Queen." Her utter delight and passion for bees, birds, butterflies and bats makes her their leading advocate at a time when mysterious declining hive census, diminishing habitat and various other threats loom large on the horizon. But for Noelle, the crisis is more than a natural one-it's spiritual. Because she maintains it is nature that uplifts us by embracing us with its beauty and bounty. This she knows firsthand. In her new book, The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart's Calling, Noelle recounts her own touching story of her three-month sojourn with a mother hummingbird, Artemis, and one tiny nestling--and how that encounter brought her back from the brink of despair after being caught in the financial downturn and market crash of 2008. Noelle found herself awash in fear and anxiety, facing the option of taking anti-anxiety drugs, and praying for another path. It was little Artemis that answered her prayers for relief.

Pilgrimage: Walking the Labyrinth of Your Soul  play >

Pilgrimage: Walking the Labyrinth of Your Soul

4/2/2014 | Download File (4.51 MB) - right click to download

Life is a search for meaning and spiritual significance. Father and daughter team, Horst Prelog and Nina Hirlaender discuss the ancient art of pilgrimage and the most rewarding mystery you will ever discover on the way- YOU. Each journey builds unique connection with the natural landscape, elementals and spirits that inhabit the local environment. They will discuss past life experiences, mystical encounters and the magic that happens when unexpected travel moments grow into life-changing revelations. Nina and Horst facilitate sacred journeys with Dancing Spirit Tours and make it their mission to empower people to connect with their authentic selves by opening their hearts to the awe-some glory of life.

Standing at the Crossroads of Power  play >

Standing at the Crossroads of Power

3/26/2014 | Download File (4.51 MB) - right click to download

Lynn Andrews will discuss her work which involves teaching women and men how to heal their lives and take personal power through the teachings of the sacred wheel. A crossroads is a place of great power because it is a place where decisions must be made and acted upon. Action generates energy, which becomes power. Using the ancient teachings of the sacred wheel of life, Lynn will discuss how to harness that power and use it to choose your direction wisely and propel yourself through any crossroads in a conscious and intended way. Then you measure the truth of the situation against your own personal truth to see what actions, what decisions, what direction will and will not work for you. This is exactly what the sacred wheel teaches you to do. Once you understand the energies at work, you stand in the center of the wheel - which places you at the center of the crossroads of power - and you chart your way forward from a place of confidence and knowing.

Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness  play >

Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness

3/19/2014 | Download File (4.51 MB) - right click to download

Maureen St. Germain will discuss her latest book, “Be a Genie”, which assists people in meeting, and surpassing, their life dreams and goals using the laws of quantum physics and secrets of sacred geometry. What is it - that makes a Genie a Genie? What if, every thought could occur as quickly as you desire it? What is the fastest way to make your wishes and dreams come true? A Genie! What is a Genie anyway? Is it a dream? Is it a person? Is it a magic bottle to make anything come true. Now, what if the Genie is you? What if you are finally free to live the life you've always wanted? What if you are finding out that you have way more power than you thought? What if you could see a way to become a Genie for yourself - and create your heart's desire? What if all this "magical" thinking was rooted in science and math? Suddenly you can see the power you will unleash - for yourself. You cannot be contained. You will become unstoppable!

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