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BFS 043: Deoxyribonucleic Antics: The Revenge

The Bigfoot Show

An episode from The Bigfoot Show

11/27/2012 | Download File (93.08 MB)

Melba made us do it! An entire show dedicated to the Ketchum press release including an interview with Dr. Todd Disotell of Cornell University.

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BFS 061: Reverse centaur blues  play >

BFS 061: Reverse centaur blues

7/13/2014 | Download File (107.52 MB) - right click to download

Melba and Peruvian aliens, ThinkerThunker Sequoia video, Standing and Meldrum, Finding Bigfoot, Brian Sykes, the Willow Creek movie, trees jumping around in Area X, the Bigfoot Forums, and reverse centaurs.

BFS 060: A hand and an arm and a thong  play >

BFS 060: A hand and an arm and a thong

6/15/2014 | Download File (80.09 MB) - right click to download

The BFS takes a break from its break to bring you up to date on the activities of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. On this show, an interview with naturalist David Mizejewski recorded on location in Area X. Then, a conversation with the NAWAC's Daryl Colyer regarding the events experienced so far during Operation Tenacity.

BFS 059: Motorboating Orangutans  play >

BFS 059: Motorboating Orangutans

2/16/2014 | Download File (91.74 MB) - right click to download

All four BFS hosts convene to ruminate over the end of Finding Bigfoot, the ice damage resistance of the average adult bigfoot's skull, and various other fascinating and exciting squatchy topics (which means Brian forgot to keep show notes again).

BFS 058: Icebergs of madness  play >

BFS 058: Icebergs of madness

12/29/2013 | Download File (74.72 MB) - right click to download

This time out, Scott, Paul and Brian pick their bigfoot story of 2013, bemoan the state of squatch TV, ponder breaks between the C1 and C2 vertebrae, salivate over bigfoot pornography, and pontificate on various topics suggested by our listeners.

BFS 057: Recumbent leprechaun  play >

BFS 057: Recumbent leprechaun

12/1/2013 | Download File (81.51 MB) - right click to download

Sam, Scott, and Brian mix it up over the Gray Harbor thermal video, the Stacy Brown thermal footage, Bill Munns' RHI papers, The Bigfoot Files, and other fascinating things as suggested by our listeners.

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