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#471 - Signs of God's Favor

Joel Osteen Ministries Video Podcast

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8/9/2010 | Download File (166.91 MB)

David prayed in Psalm 86:17, "God, send me a sign of Your favor." When God puts a promise in our heart, He will always give us some kind of sign to confirm His Word that the promise is going to come to pass, something to boost our faith and encourage us. It may be confirmation through a dream, a person, nature or even something that seems like a coincidence. It may look insignificant to others, but to you it will resonate in your spirit reminding you that God is in control and directing your steps. How different would our lives be if we lived with David's boldness? Instead of waiting for a sign, we would simply ask for a sign. God wants to do something amazing in your life. He wants to strengthen your faith and uplift your spirit, but He is waiting for you to take that first step. Part of taking action is asking. Those promises that you're standing on, the dreams in your heart, the situation you're believing to turn around, dare to say, "God, give me a sign of Your favor. Give me a sign that I'm going in the right direction." Release your faith by asking and then expect God's goodness. He promises He will confirm His Word by showing you some kind of sign that will prove what He is saying to you.

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It's Your Due Season  play >

It's Your Due Season

1/25/2015 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

Now more than ever, itís time to release your faith, expect God to move, and speak His blessings over your life. Why? Right now, there are blessings that have your name on them. There is promotion, healing, vindication, restored relationships and so much more. God has already destined them to be yours. But if you never believe and release your faith, these blessings can lie dormant. Let this faith-building message teach you how to receive all that God has for you as you increase your faith to a new level and believe like never before. Joel will show you how to make it your number one priority to guard your thoughts, speak words of victory and faith, and believe God for even greater things. When you believe that doors will open for you, you will be accelerated into a future of Godís favor, abundance and joy. You will walk in your due season.

Invisible but Invaluable  play >

Invisible but Invaluable

1/18/2015 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

We need the help of others in order to fulfill our destiny, and guess what? Someone needs our help today, too! Every one of us should be invisible in somebodyís lifeóbeing behind the scenes, helping others grow, encouraging and pushing them forward, and calling out their seeds of greatness. Without Jonathan, David wouldnít have been the great king. The prophet Elijah performed many great miracles, but behind the scenes, there was Elisha faithfully caring for his every need. Sometimes we are needed in other peopleís lives to help them, to be their arms and feet, to lift up their faith when they canít go on, and help them walk into greatness. Learn how to live each day helping others. As you make other people shine, God will make sure the right people will be there for you to help you shine and rise higher.

Counted by The Creator  play >

Counted by The Creator

1/11/2015 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

Itís easy to walk through life feeling limited. These limitations come in all different formsó from people and their discouraging words spoken over us, labels, genetics and family lineage, our own thoughts and insecurities, even our past and what we think we lack in potential. It can be a lot of things. But the good news is, God has already counted you worthy and put everything in you to fulfill His destiny in your life.Find out how to walk in your full, God-given potential by narrowing your focus, letting go of lies and competition, and immersing yourself in Godís Word and His identity so you can flourish into all God has created you to be! Learn how to break the forces that would try to keep you hidden so you can shine bright and make a difference in this world!

Covered by Mercy  play >

Covered by Mercy

1/4/2015 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

Do you ever feel disqualified from Godís goodness because of past mistakes? Well, you're not the only one! We all make mistakes in life and do things that we know we shouldnít do. Itís easy to live in guilt and regret and not feel worthy of Godís love, favor and blessing. But the good news is, God has you covered. Discover the merciful goodness of God in this faith-building message as you explore the stories of men and women in the Bible who made mistakes but still saw Godís goodness, and not just His goodnessóbut His overwhelming flood of favor. Youíll be inspired to believe for this same mercy in your life as the spark of hope is ignited once again. You can and you will see Godís goodness again when you dare to believe again! Let this message teach you how.

Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts  play >

Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts

12/14/2014 | Download File (0.00 MB) - right click to download

Do you ever have trouble staying in faith because of the facts? Maybe you have a medical report that looks grim, a mountain of debt that seems impossible to ever get out of, a troubled relationship thatís on the brink of endingósometimes itís easy to accept things as they are and lose faith.But God is bigger than the facts. You may not see a way in the natural, but Heís a supernatural God. Let this message increase your faith and teach you how to choose faith and let go of the mental chatter that says ďit canít happen.Ē Learn how Jesus operated out of faith instead of mental facts. Discover what Proverbs 3:5-6 means when we are taught to ďlean not on our own understanding.Ē Find inspiration to believe in Godís miracle-working power in your life, no matter the situation!

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